Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kony 2012; Why the United Nations Should Be Disband

A single independent film maker has created a short documentary for you/tube “Kony 2012” calling the world to action; to end the ruthless rebel’s crimes against humanity. Kony’s actions are indeed despicable resembling those of the insane criminal Charles Manson. A man who committed the unimaginable and intolerable, who was swiftly brought to justice here in the United States. The fore mentioned short film rightly portrays the similarities and brings the horrific realities of this tragedy in Africa to light. And we all should be horrified and be demanding action.

The problem is it is a bit too much too late. The film has been judged lacking complete transparency. Kony is no longer in Uganda and the worst of the tragedy has subsided as his forces begin to dwindle.

This does not dilute the seriousness of the atrocities still being committed but why did it take an independent movie maker and a social media free of the influence of the mainstream media to bring this issue to the fore front of the public’s mind?

I suggested some time back that this is exactly the kind of pressure the media and Hollywood should be exerting against North Korea as the most brutal and oppressive nation in the world. China could also use similar pressure. Such stories unfortunately don’t fit with the pop culture dominated citizenry our media has created.

Are not these issues of human rights and crimes against humanity something the United Nations was formed to bring an end to? It is not that the U.N. was unaware of Kony but that they failed to bring an end to his terror in a quick and decisive manor. The fact that Kony has never been apprehended is a glaring testament to the complete incompetence of the U.N.

But what can one expect of an organization consisting predominantly of dictators and tyrants. How can proper political moral fortitude, if such a thing can possibly exist, survive in an environment where such murderers are recognized, validated and legitimacy given to their voices?

There is only one moral standard for this world and its simplest expression is expressed in the Ten Commandments and other basic teachings found in the various religions of the world. There are no variations per culture that tolerate oppression, torture and murder of a nations citizenry that we need to accommodate, though our executive branch would want us to think there are in regards to China.

If we look at Africa, it is the African Union that is working with greater effect than the U.N. to solve the human rights and political conflicts on their continent. It was NATO and not the U.N. that brought down Kaddafi. The U.N is powerless to help the Syrian people as they are being attacked and murdered by there government.

If a world organization cannot be formed around a common moral standard it cannot act. Perhaps such an organization should be less concerned about building up its own ego, self worth, be bringing in any and all who claim themselves a sovereign nation and more concerned about the moral standards who seek to be apart.

And what of the rights of women? Do women have any significant representation in the U.N. as they as a group are one of the most oppressed in the world. I have always said, and others have expressed similar opinions, that women’s rights issues are the way to stem radical Islam.

The U.N. has no solid moral code. Our own nation confused now by political correctness, the rationalization for the moral failings of the baby boomers in their sexual revolution and the now blooming homosexual agenda, an attack on our values by atheistic materialism, has left this nation powerless to take a lead in what needs to be done. It has left this nation powerless to represent a political system that can address the valid moral concerns of the Muslim world as they pursue freedom themselves.

But it is no surprise that NATO, the member nations sharing a common religious foundation, has been able to act in a consistent fashion, upholding human dignity and freedom as best as can be expected in areas of conflict. Or that the African Union can respond more directly and clearly than the U.N., seeking to establish respectability for their continent and its nations after hundreds of years of being looked down upon as backward and corrupt by the rest of the world.

If the U.N. cannot be reorganized around common values and the goal of freedom and prosperity for all the ‘citizenry of its member nations then it should be disbanded. The power of the Internet, the removal of all boundaries between ‘peoples’ and the exposure and potential exposure of the crimes of any and all governments should empower the U.N. to achieve freedom and prosperity for all people if that were its goal and if the criminal and oppressive factions of the U.N. were not empowered to stop any actions they do not agree with; namely China and to some degree Russia.

In this climate brought about by great advances in technology is igniting the light of freedom ion the hearts of all men why should such an organization such as the U.N., supposedly committed the human rights and freedom, include nations small or large, such as China, who oppress and murder their own people? How would an organization holding such standards, that they would refuse to tolerate such atrocities in its members, act in the face of murderous warlords such as Kony, or the murderous oppression Syria is inflicting on its own people? What changes would nations voluntarily make to be included in such an organization or face its wrath, even if that meant merely economic seclusion?

The status quo is failing, as is this nation in its ability to offer leadership as few seem capable of distinguishing between right from wrong.

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