Thursday, December 31, 2009

Beach-head Wisconsin

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I was talking to the husband of our local minister many years back now. He mentioned a camping trip where he met a Chinese national on vacation. The China man, with great confidence was not shy in telling this gentleman, as they enjoyed the beauty of our State Park system, that someday all this (the United States) would belong to China.

Madison Wisconsin has long been considered a liberal stronghold in the United States. It is a national leader in raising taxes, state government employment, the medical industry soon to be socialized, and environmental restrictions on industries, driving many free market companies out of the state. Governor Jim Doyle, proclaiming his presence at the climate conference in Copenhage, leads the charge in developing highly government subsidized green industries.

And 'pay for play' has been the status quo in the Doyle administration. But with the shrinking economy and a bankrupt state treasury there is little left to dish out to his supporters in terms of contracts, grants and new state employment opportunities. And his supporters, the supporters of the democrat party, have little left to give, as they have sold their souls, supporting an unsustainable system for their own profit, and now it's time to pay in the form of exorbitant taxes.

But socialism, the communist cause in all its manifestations, is a worldwide movement. And you may not agree with me, but I believe is more than simply a shared ideology. That the ties and organization are deeper and as old as Joseph McCarthy himself. Oh! Now I've lost credibility? Not according to the KGB files.

And salvation has come to the democrat party of Wisconsin. A new source of political funding rolling in with nearly an unlimited supply of cash, has landed on our shores. A Chinese developer has purchased a sprawling abandoned mall complex and will bring in some 200 Chinese companies to sell their made in China products. Many products never before seen in the United States. And the majority of workers will be coming directly from China and will be recieving government funds through a program that supports immigrant workers.

But hope remains. Conservatism has many powerful representaives in Wisconsin.

We'll hold out as long as we can.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bull's-Eye Thomson

Again today, I heard the moving of terrorist suspects from Guantanamo to a federal facility in Thomson Illinois discussed on talk radio.

Yes, the implication that they will be tried in civil courts puts our security network and personnel in great peril, endangering all of us.

And yes, our past experience with liberal policies tells us that many of these often battlefield hardened terrorist suspects could be released onto our streets through our judicial processes.

And yes, the world still thinks we are violating the human rights of these terror suspects.

In defense the government and liberals claim they are creating jobs and that no one has ever broken out of a federal prison. I'm not sure if that is an accurate statement, considering the track record of the left actually getting their facts correct. But as far as recent history it could very well be true.

Breaking out? ... What about breaking in? I've heard commentators allude to the danger but no one has spelled it out clearly. These are commrads arms of a world wide terrorist network controling vast resources and the hearts and minds of its devotees.

The Obama administration claims no more than 100 detainies will be held there. Or in other words a company. That is a military designation.

Yes, gathering the weapons and explosives necessary for a successfull operation would be difficult. Under our past administration I would say that the planners would most likely be caught in the process. Even getting the numbers necessary together would probably be detected,... especially if we can profile.

Simply attacking and shutting the prison down would be a propaganda victory for our enemies. That in itself is motivation enough. And remember Fort Hood. Terrorists taking the prison and bringing in weaponry would cost scores of American lives. And worse case scenerio would be squads of terrorists escaping into the surrounding area on suicidal rampages.

Yes, this administration and its liberal hordes are willing to put all of us at risk to show us they know better.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Advantage Tyranny

I'm not sure if prison for those not conforming to the proposed health care bill is still included or will make the final version. If so you can call me a crimminal now. But does it really matter now that breathing has made us all polluters; evil doers in the eyes of our government? Some have suggested that the continual studies on the disproportionate populations of blacks in our prisons is designed for the release of our inner city populations to make room for prisoners of another type. Now that sounds a bit over the edge, but....

The Heritage Foundation has recently highlighted a new book; "Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent." The book goes into the legal history and dangers to our democracy. Yes, the laws and regulations of this great nation have become so vast and vague that one cannot go through the day without committing a crime. In other words the federal government can put anyone in prison whenever they like. So now we are all crimminals.

When our elected representatives protest their constituants expectation of reading the bills they vote on; and who could with the size of some of them. When few if any even write the bills, we are not talking about taxation without representation (that was one of the complaints of our founding fathers for those of you who finished their education in the last ten years or so) but legislation without representation. I'm hoping for the day when someone will use that as a defense. Showing that their representative, and a majority of others never read or even knew of the regulations they were voting for.

This is why those behind President Obama, Rezko, Ayers, his Czars and others, are more the man than he. The ones who should have been covered in a vetting of the President that the state media refused to do.

I've been having real problems publishing this blog and two you/tube videos I have used in one post were removed.