Monday, December 24, 2007


The old adage has been proven correct. No one will stand up for you if you don’t stand up for yourself. And Mitt Romney’s most excellent speech, extensive and complete, proof of his understanding of what this nation represents. Lauded by most on the right as near genius and an awakening of the founding spirit, it is difficult to refute his passion for our nation. Some on the right criticizing his lack of recognition of atheists and agnostics and on the left the idea that “freedom requires religion” fail to recognize the faith and age from which our nation was born. An age where reason, the self proclaimed foundations for atheists and social engineers, was dominant. An era that gave birth to the scientific process.

Mitt Romney’s speech illustrates what makes the United States a truly Christian nation, unique in the world. A nation exalting “piety and good character", or love of God and neighbor. A nation intellectually grounded in sound reason, in the real world, and not a world where a correct doctrine determined ones value. A world honoring strength of will and acknowledging the temptations all good men, regardless of their particular faith, conquer to do what’s right. Where raising good strong families meant something. Not today’s secular world, the La-la Land of relativism, where self-justification trumps ones responsibility to his fellow man or the larger society.

Yet are any immune to the passions of intolerance? Mitt Romney perfectly placed his speech between Mike Huckabee’s miraculous surge and the backlash against his liberal policies. Christians blind to his record frequent radio talk shows proclaiming ‘Tax Hike Mike’ a true conservative. All likely cut from the same clothe as the 28% who claim they would never vote for a Mormon for President because they believe the Latter Day Saints to be a cult. Unfortunately few completely grasp what has made the United States a truly Christian nation.

There are convincing claims against the Sam Brownback campaign for a whisper campaign against Mitt Romney in Iowa. The whisper campaign against Sam Brownback by Huckabee supporters much more shadowy. In the fervor of political ones-upmanship Huckabee dropped an unsolicited misrepresentation of Mormon beliefs saying; “don’t Mormons believe Jesus and the devil are brothers?” Mike Huckabee apologized for his comments to Mitt Romney and claimed no responsibility for comments demeaning the Brownback campaign. Will he apologize to another perceived enemy, Rush Limbaugh, for remarks attributed to his campaign? If he is elected President, perhaps Huckabee need schedule a monthly press conference to apologize for offensive statements to world political or religious leaders.

When I first heard of the Huckabee campaign I was intrigued and hopeful. Soon disillusioned by his ethical shortcomings and lack of conservative positions. The Bible clearly spells out that a busybody and gossip is unqualified for Christian ministry, which may be why Huckabee went into politics. While many are eager to credit Romney for his understanding of our founding fathers, few are willing to point out bigotry, covert or otherwise. Perhaps we need a more palatable word to describe the dynamic.

And I just want to say Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 17, 2007

"I Am Legend"

Will Smith's blockbuster new film broke box office records for a December release. No help will be coming from the largest market in the World in its quest for Cinema fame. China has banned the film. In fact it will not be approving any U.S. movies for release for at least several months in a supposed trade dispute. Or as the Chinese would like to frame it; to protect its local film industry.

I am sure Tom Cruise's new film "Valkyrie" will also be a threat to its 'local film industry', being released shortly before the 2008 Olympic games.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Global Warming is Cool

A new report has come out that the Arctic Sea is refreezing at a record pace. I had commented on its melting in the past and suggested politics rather than an understanding of the scientific process gives the CO2 hype unfounded recognition. In the first article it recognized the changing wind patterns, as does this new report, as a cause for the melting but suggested that the warming influence of the sun on open ocean would lead to a complete melting of the arctic ocean. Reading this latest article I had to kick myself for not seeing the obvious.

This is elementary school science. What is the arctic circle? It is the line where for at least some part of the year, if not half, there is no sunlight and even when there is the angle would cause most of the light to be deflected. Further ice in extreme cold acts as an insulator. Any heat in an open ocean with no sunlight would quickly dissipate into the atmosphere as the report confirms and the results are clear. Very extreme ice formation.

Wow, the earth works in a harmonious balance. Even more basic and the first introduction to science children receive, or received in the past, is the interaction between plant and animal life. That is the interdependent dynamic of CO2 and O2. And trees (and other plant growth) have the tendency to multiply without man's intervention. So how is CO2 a pollutant?

The overload of issues, immigration, Iraq, terrorism, social security, etc, not to mention Darfur, China, Chavez, Putin in Russia, North Korea and the list goes on, has given us too much to think about. Have we all become intellectually lazy? To any educated individual with a trace of common sense the intellectual fraud of global catastrophe from man-made CO2 should be clear. Evidently many journalists don't fit that description. Not that man's impact does not need to be studied. We should seek to emulate the harmonious principles under which God created this world for us to enjoy.

Those claiming authority over the populations of this world are meeting in Bali to talk about global warming while the contradictory evidence grows daily to its supposed cause and dangers. They should know better. These are people who represent those in our own country who have failed to address real problems such as social security for decades. On the international level represent nations that in many cases oppress their own peoples and feed off political corruption.

And we are supposed to trust them to tell us how to live? The divide in leadership is between those who will take a responsible view towards the science vs those who look to enslave the world by hyping questionable science as fact. Issues of honesty, integrity and good character. The Global warming issue should not be seen as a threat but a tool to weed out incompetent leadership throughout the world.

Yes, I will be writing about Mitt Romney's speech.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Grabbing the Future by the Tail

Or a better title may be “All Hail Richard Nixon.” In the heat of the Cold War when social unrest was sweeping our nation, many groups with communist sympathies making their own contributions, President Nixon made his historic trip to China. Doors opened that remain open today. Under the justification of increasing the living standards of the Chinese people, helping more than those being persecuted, suppressed and murdered under a totalitarian communist state, the communist regime was propped up and the dynamics of trade and open markets began to work their magic.

Yet the oppression of the Chinese people continues and the communist regime stands defiant to any who cast judgment or not fall in line with its internal policy and world view. There is no freedom of religion or press and nations protesting their human rights record, or meeting with the Dalai Lama, are retaliated against. They continue to expand their military and sing the praises of their unique communist system with its ideology of world domination.

Tiamen Square looked to be the turning point the free world was looking for. The communist regime’s brutal crackdown and no sign of a continuing student movement deflated the hopes of many. Most all the students involved who didn’t escape from China were imprisoned and eventually murdered for their involvement. With its control of the media did many in China even understand what was going on?

As the U.S. is targeted as a greenhouse gas monster, China pollutes without compare. As the media rips our administration for supposed torture, China’s communist regime brutally suppresses its own people. As a certain political party is found flooded with money from China, and our military secrets are being handed over, another is accused of being in the pocket of big oil and Haliburton. All while the Chinese plan to drill off the Florida coast. One would think the prosperity brought to China through open markets would discourage socialism in our own nation. Yet there are those who fight for socialized medicine in the shadow of dismal failures in other free nations such as Britain and Canada.

So why would I praise Richard Nixon? The signs, at least outside the walls of Beijing, of the end for the communist regime are visible for those who chose to see. The Chinese government’s obsession with guaranteeing its people are fed, to deter unrest, is failing to assuage the growing desires of the people. Corruption and abuse of power are rampant. The mass pollution and its effects on the health of the Chinese people are becoming a worldwide media issue and a growing internal complaint. Product quality of Chinese products is criticized though out the world. Demands for electricity look to grow beyond capacity. And now the nation is suffering shortages in diesel and gasoline to fuel its massive growth.

Two significant future events could push the Chinese government to take the path of the former Soviet Union. First is the 2008 Olympic Games. The Cold War practice of Olympic boycotts would be the safest path to tell the Chinese people the rest of the world stands against the tyranny suffered by many. Attending and participating in acts of civil disobedience by athletes and the media much more effective though dangerous.

Bringing in Bibles, only to be confiscated at customs, would be the least one could do. Athletes giving words of support for Tibet, media commenting on human rights abuses in China, and chants for freedom by groups of nationals from participating countries, acts of true bravery. It would be difficult for the Chinese media to ignore the activities. To hide the news from the Chinese people after the massive emphasis the communist regime has put on the Olympics. Or take pride in medals won if the communist regime were to disqualify participation of athletes for subversive political activities.

Undoubtedly many would be denied participation in their events, arrested and kicked out of the country. Some would also be killed. Made an example of. If not foreign nationals, though some would be held in prison beyond the Olympics, Chinese citizens would be found to accuse of collaboration and subsequently murdered. Why? Because that is how evil dictators believe the world works. That fear and physical domination of others is the law of the universe. And it is part of the communist ideology.

Is it too much to ask of the athlete, journalist and common man to be a patriot and/or martyr for the Chinese people? Perhaps, but failing to recognize the confluence of events and the opportunity to end the threat of war with atheistic communism and bring freedom to the Chinese people is, maybe the best descriptive being, a mortal sin. The time is right to bring reform, which was all the murdered students in Tiamen Square were asking for.

The second event is the race for a lunar base. In our own civil war the race for an ironclad was considered pivotal. R. J. Mitchell, the developer of the Supermarine Spitfire, worked ceaselessly, and in poor health, to develop the aircraft that was credited in turning the tide in the Battle of Britain. The race for the nuclear bomb most likely decided the victor in WW II. In the Cold War space race, and arms race, the United States overcame the Soviet’s apparent superiority. So goes the battle between good and evil.

China would fail to fulfill the goals of its communist ideology in a long protracted war, being unable to meet its needs on the home front. Reference to ‘The Art or War’ and observing their endless quest for nuclear weapons technology or any technology with military applications suggests it is their least desirable path. China launched its lunar orbiter to study the moon in detail as part of its staged goals for creating a lunar base, or ‘checkmate’.

The United States is working on the international space station. The only thing international about a Chinese lunar base under a communist regime is their quest for world domination. The ability to control space, destroying satellites at will and capability to target any opposing force, military or otherwise, is an imperative in their wold view.

The race for lunar supremacy is critical. The United States must win. Being first far preferable to taking extreme action to hinder a communist regime’s attempts. More preferable yet, is to take advantage of the results of the process started by Richard Nixon some thirty years ago and working to loose control of the communist party over the people of China. The 2008 Olympic Games are a pivotal point, not only for China, for the future of the free world.

Friday, November 09, 2007

What's Wrong with this Picture?

Pat Robertson recently endorsed Rudy Giuliani. ? I've read the Bible quite a bit. From cover to cover several times over. Looking to the history of Israel, which I know interests Pat Robertson, I see only one perspective of what brings blessing or curses to a nation. That is the moral standards of its people, most notably the ruler.

Robertson as a religious leader has sold his soul to politics. Admittedly the abortion issue is mute considering Giuliani's promise to appoint constructionist judges. But the idea that a supposed Evangelical Christian leader would support someone who believes in government sanctioned homosexual unions and has a personal life far from the standards the Bible promotes for leadership is akin to other churches that have fallen to the wayside under the same agenda.

Islamo-fascists? OK. The endorsement of Giuliani on this single issue suggests that Robertson believes waging war is the only way to deal with terrorists. Hello crusades. While the fight may be necessary does not a true Christian vision imply something deeper? Was the lack of terrorists attacks after 9/11 under the Bush administration the result of intelligence expertise or, as the Bible suggests, the result of a leader who humbles himself before God? Under that logic, which I presume Robertson would share, a Giuliani Presidency may open the door to more attacks. I'm sure he will do an excellent job fighting back.

If Giuliani is the Republican choice in 2008 I myself would vote for him. He has shown himself a capable public servant with the necessary experience. I cannot speak to his personal relationship with God and he may accommodate the conservative support that would give him the Presidency by not pursuing his liberal social ideology. But what Robertson has done as a minister looks to be aimed at impeding the campaigns of those whom he will not support because of their religion.

The role of religious leaders in politics is not to qualify, or disqualify, a candidate based on his religion. It is to call on our leaders and the public in general to live good and upright lives that God can bless our nation. Lives that are promoted by all religions and people of conscience.

That would strongly suggest Governor Huckabee or Mitt Romney as a logical choice for Robertson's endorsement. Perhaps he couldn't stomach the idea of open borders under Governor Huckabee letting all those Catholics into the country or the fact that Mitt Romney is a Mormon. Only Pat Robertson can answer that. The reality is he didn't have to endorse anyone. I wasn't waiting for one.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

There is Nothing New under the Sun

Mitt Romney’s Faith in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) is a dark cloud not over Romney as a candidate but our nation. Some argue he must address the issue, as did John F. Kennedy with his Catholicism. Let us be honest. We can reflect on how civil the media was in the past, not taking apart the personal lives of public figures in tabloid fashion, but did anyone really believe J.F.K. had any interest in anything the Pope said?

There is no reason to believe that Mitt Romney is not in good standing with his faith. A Newsweek poll suggests that 28% of the public refuse to vote for Romney based on his religion. To the point many consider the Mormons a cult. Christianity itself was considered a cult at its formation. Romans believed they sacrificed children and practiced cannibalism. God sacrificing His own son and the eating of the body and blood of Christ telling them all they needed to know. It is the same in depth analysis groups labeled as cults receive today.

As one local radio talk show host observed the derision strikes strongest against any group with a nontraditional view of Christ or one that relies on additional scripture, as does the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Many apparently irreconcilable views of Christ existed among early Christians. The major division was between Christ as God or a man unlike us all. At the Council of Nicea the issue was resolved by labeling those who believed Christ’s beginning being His birth on earth as a man as heretics. Later advancing to putting heretics to death. The crusades in which it was ones Christian duty to destroy the infidel were followed by a series of Inquisitions for which Pope JohnPaul II apologized in 2000. Amidst this struggle for a correct faith came the Reformation and the Thirty Years War (or wars), a religious conflict that devastated the populations of Europe, leaving the victors, or those most efficient at destroying their opposition, to divide the spoils in the Treaty of Westphalia of 1648. By these standards of faith we should all convert to Islam, and most would have had the Moorish invasions of the past succeeded.

All good men, such as JohnPaul II, recognize that such struggles are not part of the true Christian vision but have we learned from the past? Unlike Europe the United States was founded under very different processes. We honor the Pilgrims, who landed in present day Massachusetts, on Thanksgiving Day to acknowledge the religious roots of our nation. Many also came for opportunistic reasons as we celebrate the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown. In fact the Pilgrims and others were religious outcasts themselves, many having previously fled to Holland to escape religious and the corresponding financial oppression. They came to the New World to freely practice their faith. In the War for Independence they revolted not on religious grounds but in response to an unjust judiciary and suppressive taxation, being denied a voice in either. The history of the Mormons parallels that of the pioneers of this New World. They faced extreme persecution and fled to a new land for religious freedom under the threat of death.

To say the United States is founded on Christian principles is incorrect if you regard Christianity as Puritan, Protestant, Catholic, or Evangelical but not if you consider Christianity as a culture such as Hindu, Buddhist or Confucian. The diverse and often divided Christian communities came together under a common vision that went beyond denomination but which was purely Christ centered. Strong morals and ethics that nearly all religions unanimously agree on being prominent unlike the relativism some teach today. What is not part of this Christian culture envisioned by our founding fathers is the qualification for basic human rights or involvement in the federal government being based on ones religion.

Mitt Romney embodies such moral and ethical ideals. He also worked hard in his political career to keep true to his own faith but never forgetting that he had a duty to his constituents to represent their political opinions. Some may call his becoming Governor of Massachusetts political genius to overcome the obvious religious bigotry he must endure, others the promotion of a hidden agenda which seems to be the essence of all those labeled as part of a cult.

I am not a Mormon and myself find their beliefs unattractive and even strange but they are good upright citizens who contribute greatly to our society. They are not alone as targets of fear and hate. Many with wholesome upright beliefs who practice product lives for the larger society face even greater obstacles than current day Mormons who have met with great success in witnessing efforts over the last 100 years.

Oh, am I out of line? Fear? Hate? It’s not like we are massacring religious believers. ? So what about Waco? You are free to believe it was suicide or unintentional but what about the mass destruction of evidence after the fact that no one denies? Were not the rights of those who died and the survivors completely disregarded? And was anyone punished for the debacle and the obstruction of justice?

Many in society labeled a cult can attest to the dark reality in this nation. Books or magazines are burned. Can anyone honestly say they believe no copies of ‘The Book of Mormon’ were burned this year? Businesses or positions are targeted resulting in great financial hardship. A rumor use to circulate in the past that Reverend Moon bought Entemann’s Bakery. It wasn’t started to promote sales. (Reverend Moon never bought Entemann’s. He bought UPI.) The further stereotype for those in a cult is they are weak minded or have psychological problems many having been kidnapped by family members under the guise of being mentally incompetent. Whether it is the Pentecostals (Holy Rollers) or Jehovah’s Witness the experiences are not new or uncommon.

Does his religious background make Mitt Romney the best candidate for the Republican Party? It certainly puts him in a position to understand what this country represents, despite its faults, and the value of our Constitution. His personal morals and ethics are as good as you can get and he has shown himself extremely capable as Governor and in saving the Salt Lake City Olympics. There is absolutely no reason outside of outright religious bigotry that he would not be an exceptional choice.

Many argue Mitt Romney must address the controversy over his faith. I say he already has through his record as Governor. Religious people tend not to only turn the other cheek but treat their enemies with charity. It is not Mitt Romney who should be speaking out against those who would seek to disqualify him because of his faith. It is the job of our pundits, journalists, and people of a true faith to stand together against an obvious evil rather than side with or sit back and watch those whose tactics more resemble those of a stalker unjustly malign a man’s life. You cannot protect our inalienable rights by not protecting them for all. Yet most all standby and do nothing though knowledgeable of obvious bigotry and discrimination, fearing the fire.

Happy All Saints Day!

Friday, October 26, 2007

My Tax Plan

This week on ‘The Nightly Business Report’ Irving R. Levine gave a commentary on the tax gap. That is taxes owed that are not paid for a variety of reasons. The main reason he describes, and who wouldn’t agree, is the complexity of the tax code: 66,000 pages. His solution is a national sales tax, which is front and center in the current tax reform debate. I would also support a national sales tax and you cannot deny that it would be almost impossible to escape, until the lobbyists and politicians work their magic that is.

The assault on the limited government our founding fathers envisioned has no greater enemy than our current system of taxation. Attempts at simplification are nothing new, the results undeniable. Russia suffering from an extreme tax gap brought that gap to almost nothing by instituting a flat tax. Tax reform movements are growing demanding simplification and accountability from our politicians with no tax increase pledges. The best congress has to offer to date has been a simplification plan introduced by Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

What is my tax plan? A Constitutional Amendment requiring the entire tax code, tariffs, entitlement taxes, telephone and utility taxes, fees, penalties and all moneys received by the federal government in any form be contained on 1,000 8 ½ x 11 pages, plain English, 1.5 spacing, 12 point times new roman font. Excluding fines contained in the criminal code. All appendixes, indexes or supplemental of any kind must be contained within the 1,000 pages.

Yes, I will be writing about Mitt Romney.

Friday, September 21, 2007

My Healthcare Plan

Some years ago I was diagnosed with a very severe sleep disorder. All my organs being stressed and on the verge of heart failure the treatment improved my life. Further reliance on spiritual healing, for which my job was terminated and I lost my health insurance, significantly reversed certain conditions. The medical process was expensive and follow-ups left me with bills beyond my immediate means.

We never received food stamps or government assistance but I did apply to the hospital for debt relief. It was a complicated detailed procedure that required a significant investment of time. I detested the process and shrugged off the lurking feel of entitlement. After all I had to do a lot to get the relief. It covered my future medical expenses for the next six months and issues existed for which I could have gone through testing but I stayed away from the doctor and refused to milk the system. I take supplements and spend up to ten hours a week in a variety of fitness activities for my health and even compete.

We currently cannot afford health insurance. My condition makes me ineligible for personal health insurance and would need to enter an insurance company pool policy at about $700/month to cover only myself. The policy does not allow me to create a Health Savings Account (HSA). People comment there are all sorts of ‘programs’ but I find the whole process corrupting and just hope nothing will come up that we need to look for assistance.

This qualifies me as one of the unfortunates the democrats cry over and say insurance must be provided for. So let me give you the plan I want to see. I wouldn’t be surprised if something similar has already been proposed somewhere and it can be compared to the idea of just giving the Katrina victims mass pay outs rather than running relief programs. I imagine it is like one of those inventions where everyone says I had that idea. Here it goes and I’ll take the democrat approach that the government must force people to have health insurance and spend a lot of money doing it.

It allows everyone to have an HSA. For those of low income the government can provide matching funds up to $50 mth/person (a family of four could receive up to $200/month). For those under the poverty level just put $100/month in their HSA. Half the population could be covered for less than the cost of Hillary’s plan. This would create funds that could be claimed by hospitals for emergency care even if they couldn’t collect the full cost per lack of funds or federal guidelines.

In fact force everyone from the age of 18 to start in the program. If they are not working I’m sure mommy and daddy would be happy to contribute on their behalf and a minimum of $5/month would qualify. The matching fund level would increase with inflation but not for those who rise above a certain income level. Those of the next level of income would be required to purchase catastrophic insurance from the government to keep receiving the locked in matching funds. Ala Mitt Romney these policies would be negotiated by each State.

If we go to a national sales tax this creates incentives to contribute to HSAs and eliminates the need for additional bureaucracy, a new job for the IRS. Income would still need to be monitored and the funds distributed. The IRS could also investigate medical fraud that is costing all of us as well as frivolous lawsuits. Why don’t we see those caught in medical fraud made an example of in the courts and media as Martha Stewart was for lying to investigators where no underlying crime existed?

Why would people buy private insurance? The federal program would allow only an interest bearing account. By dropping the government catastrophic policy, loosing the matching funds, purchasing a private policy would open the account to greater investment tools to achieve a higher gain. In fact the HSA can double as a retirement account with a provision that after reaching a prescribed age, up to 5% of the fund could be removed annually for personal use. With a national sales tax the incentives for retirement accounts become obsolete.

OK that’s a lot of money going to a lot of people who will misuse and abuse the system. The costs would be high and improvements to the system small for years to come, but what happens after 20 years, 30 or 40 years? You will have tens of millions of consumers, if not more, with massive amounts of money under their own control shopping for medical services. It’s a good thing.

And that’s all I ever wanted was an HSA. Why? Because it would be mine.

Friday, August 17, 2007

The Pope's Nuts

As Pope Benedict the XVI insults Islam with Byzantine references, proclaims some are simply destined to eternal hell fire, throws the Church back into the dark ages by reviving the Latin rites and now declares only Catholics have the 'means of salvation', one must wonder whether he is all there. Does he want to throw the world into a multifaceted religious conflagration? What could he possibly be thinking? In fact attacks on the Pope and Catholics have only risen in the blogoshere.

I am not a theologian and am hardly in a position to scrutinize centuries of writings by great minds in the Catholic Church or Christian tradition but problems with Christian thought in general are apparent. As people of faith decry the devaluation of human life legalized abortion has created (something the Catholic Church absolutely opposes) every time a newborn is killed by its mother or animals gain more sympathy than ones fellow man, do they realize how their own beliefs shape society?

The idea that eternal hell fire is preserved for some, and for those who believe in absolute predestination guaranteed, has immense implications for world peace that contradict the Christian vision. The very idea nurtures an inherent inequality among humankind, and though a Catholic belief many protestant churches take it to a much greater extreme. It is no wonder Christians become a target and people feel they want to force their beliefs on others as they stand before the lost sinner with absolute faith that they are going to heaven and the unbeliever to an eternal lake of fire. A good percentage of Christians spending much of their time deciphering exactly who will go to hell.

In the same vein how can there be any resolution between Judeo-Christian tensions or the current struggle with Islam that our President describes as taking decades but which has been on going almost since its inception. It is easy, very easy, to criticize the teachings of Islam as fostering violence and intolerance when not a Muslim. It is far more difficult to criticize ones own beliefs especially if those who would criticize you are conveniently damned for eternity or simply an anti-christ. Or are Christians asking Muslims to do what Christians cannot? Can Christianity work for peace while predicting Armageddon?

Or how can we bring religious and other freedoms to communist China and divert a real possibility of cataclysmic war? Communism with its ideology of social justice for all rolled over Christian cultures. Even now can we say the presumptive declaration of victory over communism had anything to do with Christian thought or even practice? Or did communism implode of its own inherent flaws? Well there were those Catholics again in Poland which may well have prevented the communist block from seeking a military solution to its problems but was not the reason for communism's failure; just look at South America or current day Russia. Without God the ideals of communism quickly turned to elitism with a ruthless ruling class. Without its inherent elitism, combined with practices inspired by a living relationship with Christ, how far could Christianity go? If the devote Christian finds the idea that the likes of Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin will eventually enter Heaven irreconcilable with their beliefs do they really know God as the ultimate parent? If we cannot accept the fact that God created all, the suicide bomber and those he killed, to enter heaven together in love and harmony how can we understand the true tragedy of the event?

When Galileo proved the earth revolved around the sun disrupting Catholic doctrine eventually changes had to be made. Yet Christian teachings are put forth with an absoluteness that has and does justify continuous evil deeds against ones fellow man to a lesser or greater degree though out history. No reconsideration of the validity of said beliefs required. All from a book filled with parables and metaphor with thousands of interpretations.

The United States was founded on the Christian faith of its founding fathers. It was a faith that did not ignore the naturalism of the day. Their faith reached beyond denominationalism uniting together colonies often divided by religious affiliation and if there was any significant influence it was Universalism, the belief that all are some day destined to Heaven or a more liberal Unitarianism. The issue of slavery finally boiled over in the Civil War showing our nations Christian emphasis on social justice. ‘Manifest Destiny’ was the cry that took the United States to its present boundaries as a continuation of a strong belief in providence that filled the Christian faith of our nation from its founding; not exactly Deism which revisionists claim as a predominant influence.

In our modern age the League of Nations and eventually the United Nations were formed centering on the United States under the auspices of world peace. Is it any wonder that many in the United States see no value in our participation in the UN? While Christian missionaries went forth with a fervor to reach the far corners of the earth, now that its been done where has the passion gone? If a prominent Christian such as Franklin Grahm proclaimed a campaign to bring peace and prosperity to all men wouldn’t he be ridiculed by other Christians? As history moves forward and we literally have the ability, the technology and economic resources, to feed the world, cure disease and to give everyone a comfortable life Christianity teaches the goals are futile. Rather than believing in the reforming powers of Christ and trying to convert the UN into an instrument of Christian charity they seem intent to wait for the last day that appears imminent and exclusive.

Perhaps not as clear as the models and calculations of Galileo, but does not God’s work in history give evidence to His greater plan? Are the great blessings upon the United States where all men are created equal merely a coincidence? What kind of mind does God have to give man everything he needs to solve the problems that have plagued him since the first human family only to bring destruction to His children and this world, as if the creation ever did anything wrong? I guess this is just the point God has been waiting for to bring down His judgment and end it all. End meaning eternal hell for many. Did God preserve Himself a front row seat? Crazy me, who am I to think I could possibly understand God.

As far as the Pope, he is very different in character than his predecessor but I believe an equally good man, which is important for a church that puts all its eggs in one basket, declaring one individual the standard bearer for the entire faith. I'd stand clear of any Catholic tour buses but this Pope has done what too few do, clearly express the beliefs of his faith and is willing to take the heat for it. It takes courage and conviction, and contrary to appearances stimulates thought. Benedict the XVI has a real pair.

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Global Warming Debate

The Arctic Ocean may lose all of its ice cover by 2040 according to The Guardian. The cause? Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere of course, topped off with images of dieing polar bears and predictions of doom and gloom. And if that is what you want to hear it is a good place to stop reading. To continue is to find shifting wind patterns pushing ice flows out into warmer waters, melting and exposing more open water in the Arctic to the warming effects of the sun.
I guess the debate is over. So much so that the real reasons for warming can be stated outright as long as we first acknowledge man-made CO2.
Sounds like how Congress operates. See what happens when you mix politics with science?

Friday, June 22, 2007

"Live Free or Die"

“Live free or die; death is not the worst of evils.” The famous words of General John Stark written for the 32nd anniversary of the 1777 Battle of Bennington that were in part adopted as the motto for the State of New Hampshire after another infamous struggle for freedom, the Second World War. In the same vein as the famous words of Patrick Henry do they evoke a spirit lost in the United States?
Many of our founding fathers invested all they had to forge a nation out of raw wilderness, aspiring to the highest ideals most simply stated as liberty. The signers of the Declaration of Independence, patriots of the same stock, are another shining example of what was required to lay the foundations of the greatest nation the world has ever seen to date. Putting their very lives on the line, many served the military struggle themselves. Several gave up their family wealth for the cause and the majority had their homes and properties destroyed by the British. Suffering not only financial ruin and imprisonment their sacrifices deprived many of health. A significant number continued in public service throughout their lives.
Today there are many that would eagerly deny us those hard won liberties. They breed distrust for ones fellow man and declare inherent supremacy on grounds of ideology, economic and social status, a supposed enlightened intellect and even the weather. As Islamo-fascists seek to destroy our very way of life those who would tell us how to eat, what we can drive and even what is or is not a sin, in both politics and media, seek to vilify and demoralize our troops fighting in this great and noble struggle. Yes, our troops are the noble ones in case any are confused. Our troops who risk life and limb giving up greater pay and benefits to serve our great country and make the world a better place for all.
I am not one to support violence but there is no peace through surrendering our liberty or allowing the freedom of others to be lost. On June 27th the movie “Live Free or Die Hard” is opening across the nation and I believe many across this blessed country are thinking as I am. As the Islamo- fascists threaten the freedom of all peoples, and their allies in the mainstream media shameless operate their propaganda machine, what better way to show our support for our troops and demoralize the enemy than to make this movie a record breaker at the box office. I am talking from the first showing being lined up and if you can’t get in buying a ticket for the next available show and showing up to watch it. Let the world know before the weekend even begins that those who think to terrorize the United States into submission face only one end. Say to the terrorists, their willing allies in the media and any who would deny another of freedom;
Yippee Kahee Eh.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Why Scooter Libby cannot be Pardoned

To pardon Scooter Libby may free him from any consequences of his conviction but it certainly does not erase it or the precedent set. The idea that lack of proper recollection can be grounds for imprisonment could obstruct testimony of any kind under the Fifth Amendment or cross-examination that may attack ones faculties. Well maybe that is a slight stretch but the trend of our federal government to severely prosecute seemingly minor offenses dealing with cases that lead to no charges such as the Martha Stewart case requires the attention of our higher courts.
More importantly as the danger of activist judges to our judicial system becomes more and more apparent the even greater danger is that our judicial process become a tool to enforce political vendettas. O.J. is the premiere example how personal perception or bias can sway justice. The Duke rape case is a shining example of our judicial system being manipulated for political gain. Though not part of our judicial branch of government the impeachment process rightfully imposed on President Clinton can be seen as the sole reason for continual calls for President Bush’s unfounded impeachment hearings. To give in to such dangerous passions, creating a new operating procedure for our federal government is beyond dangerous. What next, will people be disappearing or dieing at an extremely disproportionate rate among political movements before we open outright political gulags? (Perhaps next was not the appropriate word)
Justice is said to be blind but our media and a political party that cannot separate fantasy from reality have ripped the blindfold away exposing her to political polls and continuous flashes of mind altering video images that distort reality and lack basic attributes of good character or civilized culture.
The reality is individuals and families have suffered willingly and deeply to create this great nation of the United States and the road back to health requires no less. Though Scooter Libby may face apparent personal destruction in the entire process I believe both he and President Bush, men of exceptional character, understand what is required to lead this nation down the right path. And why should President Bush pardon Scooter Libby before the appeals process is complete? To do so would be an admission of guilt. If any presidential candidates of either party had any real balls they would give their support to Mr. Libby in the appeals process.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


In 1936 Adolph Hitler used the Olympic Games to showcase his master race and supposed 1000-year empire. The following years brought terror and destruction to the world never before seen, beginning with Germany’s control and oppression of religion. With the world watching Hitler reoccupied the Rhineland, and who was to complain? The Treaty of Versailles was cruel and harsh. Germany had lost the few colonies, in comparison to other world powers, that it had possessed and the Nazis were bringing prosperity back to a devastated economy. Appeasers won the day under a pseudo righteousness blind to well-stated goals of world domination behind the Nazi worldview and call for living space, not to mention their incredible military expansions in open violation of existing treaties.
In 1938 came the annexation of Austria and the Sudetenland all labeled as internal matters of state. The following year as Germany invades Poland war is declared among the major European powers leading to a battle of words rather than real metal. That all changed as Germany took the European low lands and France. Over-run French and British forces were miraculously saved at Dunkirk, ferried successfully to the island nation of Great Britain; the true horrors of combat to engulf the globe beginning in the sky above. In other parts of the world Italy was expanding its influence in Africa and Japan was consolidating its power over China through domination of the railroads.
China is anxiously awaiting the 2008 Olympic Games to parade before the world its new status as super power and the spectacular economic advances it has achieved over the last several decades. The world closing its eyes to the governments iron fist and oppression of true religious freedom. It hopes, as always, to realize the reunification of Taiwan, which China has been proclaiming (shouting) is an internal matter of state. China remains under the communist ideology of world domination and what about living space for the most populous country of the world? China’s no growth policy has created tens of millions of male citizenry under 30 with no female counterpart, or what the Europe of old called cannon fodder.
As China builds a vast military beyond its needs for national defense, much of it done in secret off the books, one wonders what’s next? China failed miserably in its attempted invasion of Vietnam in 1979 and surely wouldn’t risk going to war 'now' with the United States by invading Japan or Korea. Well, what about Vanuatu, Tuvalu, Tonga, the Solomon Islands, Samoa, the Republic of Marshal Islands, Papua New Guinea, Palau, Niue, Nauru, Kiribati, Fiji, the Federated States of Micronesia, the Cook Islands and other small island nations? Were the Chinese navy to park itself over one, some or all of these sovereign nations, who would be willing to go to war over these former colonies in this age of relativism? Was not gunboat diplomacy part of the Colonial Power’s control of China in the past? Pay back is a bitch and many in the western media would gleefully point that out. If Russia, another colony deprived historic power, joined in the acquisitions would the United States, let alone the U.N., be willing to go to war over such apparently insignificant, at least to the public, land grabs? Of course all these Island States have defense pacts but so did Czechoslovakia and Poland.
Will the Philippines become our Poland, over which we declare war, and New Zealand and Australia (Liechtenstein could create a beachhead in Australia) where the real combat begins? Will South Korea be our Dunkirk and the island nation of Japan saved by a massive air defense? Will the Chinese dominate the vastness of Africa with their railroads? Will Russia be China’s Italy? And let’s not forget Cuba and Venezuela.
Several things are certain. China is far from ignorant of history, studiously taking its lessons to heart. They are well versed in ‘The Art of War", far more patient than Nazi Germany, and would not simply bomb the Hawaiian Islands. One must wonder what kind of combat would take place between super powers over far distant isolated tracts of land and what a Chinese Al Quida alliance would produce (and some worry about more nuclear power plants).

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"Prepare For Glory"

Several Spartans walking over layers of fallen bodies with oversized spears thrust, as if spear fishing, at unseen wounded with vivid audio enhancement. They stroll to and fro continuously returning to the same seemingly undead as one Persian atop the pile struggles for life unnoticed in their midst. With shades of his movie “Dawn of the Dead” (2004) Zack Snyder infuses “300”, an adaptation of Frank Miller’s graphic novel, with a comic moment to accentuate the tragic. A tactic reminiscent of Hong Kong films fails in this historic action drama genre.
Acclaimed for its cinematography and dedication to Frank Miller’s portrayal of the infamous battle what is or was Sparta, one of many Greek cities of diverse origin, is lost as hundreds of years of Greek history and philosophy (Spartans were not big readers) are infused into a single lunar cycle. From the oracle being bribed to deceive the Spartans, an event a generation earlier that brought democracy to Athens, to the phalanx meets mounted elephant, reflecting the days of Alexander the Great, visuals take precedent over comprehension of unwavering self sacrifice. The true oracle, proclaiming the utter destruction of Lacedeamon (Sparta and its lands) or the death of its King, is ignored. Their devotion to the spiritual further negated in Leonidas’ philosophical exaltations against the gods, a thought originating in the Athens of the future.
Some alterations play well. The portrayal of Ephialtes, played by Andrew Tiernan, born to Sparta deformed and saved from death by the flight of his parents, evince a fate for innocence disparaged. Xerxes played by Rodrigo Santoro, towering over all with godlike self-acclamations fits the bill of nemesis, creating a superb though simple backdrop in this good versus evil conflict. Gerard Butler as Leonidas, Lena Headey as his wife Gorgo and Nathan West as Theron, your classic Judas, all put in excellent performances where the script doesn’t become painfully predictable and cliché. Closer scrutiny of dialogue is one of many opportunities the producers missed to create a true epic.
The opening battle sequence is truly spectacular and overwhelms. The following battle scenes play like a video game (game previews available before the movies release) more than the story of a people fighting for their way of life. With the movie closing in a ruse to make a ‘god-king bleed’, the final day of fighting ends in mere moments. Trying to draw out the Persian Emperor and deception was a likely part of the Spartan strategy. However, reducing a highly committed yet doomed force fighting for their freedom and beliefs in a battle that shaped history to mere moments fails to understand the extent of Spartan abilities and convictions. A lifestyle admired still today and embodied in modern military disciplines that continue to influence the world for the better.
According to “The Histories” Leonidas died in the midst of that final day spurring a fight over his body that caused Xerxes to fear for his entire army despite the 50-1 advantage (if not 1000-1) some modern historians calculate. Falling back behind a defensive wall the remaining Spartans met the immortals advancing from the rear at a small rise as other Greeks and helots manned the ramparts. Spears turned to splinters, shields mangled and torn entangling rather than blocking Persian weapons, short swords broken and battered into glorified stones, Persian soldiers battering the wall with their bodies in fevered frenzy, the fighting turning to ‘teeth and nail’ before Xerxes ordered ‘missiles of every sort’ to end the melee. Obviously the software to create a true portrayal to enjoy from ones couch has yet to be developed.
The same in death as in life the 300 keep and defended hard-earned traditions and values, their sacrifice undeniable in any adaptation. The discipline, denial and faith in a way of life that gave them purpose, unity and a shared identity known the world over, elements required to maintain any civilization, are diminished in the artistic adventure. The comments of Richard Roeper on “Ebert and Roeper” summing it up best with; “Severed heads have never looked so pretty on the screen.”
And then we wonder why?

Greek Battles

Monday, April 23, 2007

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

You shall Reap what You Sow

‘Commissioned II Love’ (C2L) has been expelled from Savannah State University, the transgression being the ancient Christian practice of foot washing. After attending a C2L retreat and participating in the practice a student then went forward organizing a petition to have the group shut down, claiming a “cult like mentality”. The University put C2L on suspension for “harassment” and “hazing,” and later expelled them from campus for their continued off campus activities.

The offended fraternity member compelled action by the University, in part if not entirely, with his “cult” proclamation. The stereotypical, almost always wrong, associations are sleep deprivation, controlled environment, (everyone must follow the program) and building emotional bonds in order gain influence. Common labels to promote the concept of brainwashing. More than fundamental Christian practice these tactics more closely resemble spring break, a ritual to initiate participants into a lifestyle contrary to their upbringing, being influenced by peers into life altering deeds otherwise not imagined.

Civilization is built on promoting communal experience that serves the greater good. Art, architecture and ceremony are deeply embedded with religious and ideological meaning to send a message to the larger community. Social taboos and norms guide our daily activities. Negatively, the con man personifies the abuse of such ties. We see manipulative or controlling figures in families and our communities. Discernment and discretion are, or were, attributes upheld to prevent this proverbial pulling of our strings, yet the moral vacuum of modern day confounds.

C2L is being smeared with the label but Christianity itself promoted the ‘cult’ image to the detriment of many. The silent suffering of the dehumanized victims of this Christian Witch-Hunt face discrimination in the work place, alienation from their families and allocation to second class citizens. All past associations and accomplishments denied recognition for they have all become objects for these mindless dupes to promote the deception of the cause. The most extreme of many examples being the Waco Massacre. It took almost two months under an unconstitutional siege, a mass slaying and the gross destruction of evidence to raise a low rumble in their defense and still no one has been held accountable.

The worldwide cultural upheavals of the 1960’s, hippie-freak communes and the flood of new religions and sects from home and abroad were met with waves of fear and hostility from an overwhelmed Christian community unable to respond appropriately on many levels. Exacerbated by the likes of Charles Manson and Jim Jones, numerous innocents were maligned and destroyed in the tsunami. Misguided Christians so quick to indict, having lost all touch, now embrace alternative lifestyles. Is it any wonder Christianity is under attack from government and media by an intolerant society easily offended and quick to accuse?

Undeniably this Christian group is entitled access to our courts to correct this wrong placed upon them and defend their rights as citizens, but it is not the answer to what ills of this nation. True Christian values well lived are. The washing of feet is a profound Christian practice but let us remember whose feet Jesus washed. As in this case they were those of His betrayers. None came, not even a lawyer, to stand by His side that evening or the following day. The only words in His defense being:

“Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Have a Blessed Easter.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Paths to Peace

The Pax Romana extended beyond the boundaries of a single society and was maintained by the first truly professional military to achieve a sustained peace, imbued with civil pride and duty. Highly developed training and regulation allowed it to maintain stability across vast territories with extreme efficiency of numbers. This peace through force has been highly beneficial to the development of civilization.
On the other hand, many have given their lives over to peace, rejecting violence of any kind. Buddha in ancient times and more notably Jesus Christ, who has had such a profound impact on the world today culminating in the influence of the United States, founded on unwavering faith in Christ. Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Mother Teresa and others have set the example of fighting injustice and living for the sake of others. Their pioneering idealism elevated man's moral understandings, creating a more just and compassionate world for everyone.
Drastic change in lifestyle, devotion to severe discipline and most importantly the willingness to give up ones life for another are common in both vocations. Politics is their meeting ground. It was the military leadership and devout faith of George Washington that brought victory in the Revolution and contributed to the creation of the most advanced political system in the world. It was the idealism and willingness to go to war that lead Abraham Lincoln in the Civil War to bring an end to slavery, cleansing the sins of the nation. Franklin D. Roosevelt preserved freedom and democracy from the powers of dictatorial fascism that sought world dominion in World War II. Could you imagine the alternatives?
And it is the same in Iraq. It was perhaps not even five seconds on the evening news and quickly passed through the news cycle without comment last week. Fourteen Police were rounded up and executed by insurgents for a supposed crime committed by three other officers, but more significant, embedded in the story not even gaining its own headline, was the report of two families being gunned down for attending Sunni-Shiites reconciliation events organized by the United States. In reality many Imams and political figures have been taking stands for peace and speaking out against terrorism often with fatal consequences.
Yet the peaceniks of the United States, not able to recognize the pure evil embodied in the insurgency, give no recognition to the military, religious or political peacemakers of our age giving their lives in Iraq.
Should we expect otherwise? Now holding prominence in the United States is the baby boom generation that, contrary to any past religious discipline, embraced drugs and free sex. They spat on our soldiers returning from Vietnam and closed their eyes to the millions who died because of the retreat they forced. It is a generation, whose most vocal representatives, rejected the values of their parents and now, obviously not trusting the upcoming generations, seek to dictate what we drive, eat and do in our own homes (I’m speaking of smoking not other acts that have always been illegal).
As our politicians recognize those who marched and suffered in the civil rights movement of the 60’s, facing off with the evils of segregation, shouldn't we recognize those standing and giving their lives for freedom in Iraq? The Imams, the families of influence, political leaders and the common man of Iraq are giving their lives daily for peace, to end religious and ethnic intolerance. Where are the voices in the United States speaking out against evil and injustice being inflicted against the Iraqi people? Where are those willing to lock arm and arm, Muslim, Christian and Jew together with representatives of nations from around the world, to march the streets of the insurgency for peace? Truly such a march would be done in the very face of death and those in participation deserving of admiration. It is a march our Soldiers and Marines make everyday.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Quick, Someone Call Nanny 911

"These parents are just not on the same page." (Nanny Deb is my favorite) As Nancy Pelosi's House of Representatives has passed a resolution rejecting President Bush's plan for Iraq one must ask how this could possibly be productive as we attempt to bring stability not only to Iraq, but the greater global community? As children act out and behave badly when the parents contradict and undermine each others authority, so to the world when our President given the authority by the Constitution of Commander and Chief and sole decision maker in foreign policy is continually undermined by the Congress.
The baby boomer generation to which we owe much for our political quagmire built its reputation on its unabashed rejection of the society of their parents and its underlying structure. To much of that generation 'all you need is love' encapsulates their lives. But when Nanny Deb steps into the picture and sets up the ground rules, much more than the ability to express the inherent love in the family is being established. What she is providing is a structure in which the children can feel secure, boundaries in relationships that they could not understand otherwise and concepts of right and wrong by which to guide their actions. (Some might call that good and evil) To the baby boomers and their political manifestations on the left these realities are non existent including concepts of discipline, punishment or even sin. They idealize abortion for why would you want to bring an unwanted, unloved, child into the world, and embrace homosexuality and their supposed rights to marry and raise children for why would you deny anyone the opportunity to love. Yes, many on the left raised sound families that contained such structure and discipline, but try to get them to admit it and your in for an ear full.
Many of those we call our enemy have been raised in homes where women are objectified and the infidel, a child of the same God in my book, considered unworthy of life or idolize those who have been. These unruly children need to be given some structured discipline to guide them in their relations with the global community and we, being the most powerful nation of the world, have a responsibility to provide it and our President is the only one with the authority to decide how.
The fledgling Iraqi government itself needs to know it has consistent support to allow it to act with confidence and decisiveness. Our Middle East Christian communities and the Muslim community itself, of whom many complain that they don't speak out against terrorism, need the stability that the policy of President Bush has the potential of providing. Such sermons against terrorism carry great risk to the presenter's personal well being and family, and with the calls for withdrawal those who would protect them and their government could soon be no more.
As reports of captured communique of insurgent collapse become old news and we hear of all its leadership fleeing to Iran in the wake of the troop surge, why do they continue to fight? The Middle East could be transformed by one united voice from the United States. As they say, the family is the foundation of civilization and its time to practice what we've learned there.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Education Offensives, or, Evil Is As Evil Does

The Taliban in Afghanistan has launched a new 'education offensive'. After destroying and terrorizing schools established by the new government, causing most parents to keep their children at home, the Taliban will open up ten new madrassas, Islamic seminaries for boys, in southern Afghanistan. Educating a new generation of jihadists by grabbing the minds of the youth is not a new tactic. The former communist block used the same tactics, still strongly entrenched in North Korea, not only to indoctrinate the youth from an early age but have them report on the activities of their parents.
Looking to North Korean textbooks as an example, urging the youth to "become the dictator's soldier", we can only imagine the content of Taliban sponsored textbooks. But this offensive to capture the hearts of the youth is alive and well in the United States itself. The Gay Straight Alliance and other homosexual agenda oriented groups are putting out their own literature targeting our young people from kindergarten and beyond. They intimidate administrations and students using the judicial system to force their agenda upon thousands of public schools across the country. Recruiting and presentations are being done without parental notification.
Teachers Unions and administrations themselves are becoming more agenda oriented openly supporting specific candidates. Children's work and speech are censored to support political agendas and teachers unions defiantly stand against the rights of parents to make education choices by opposing vouchers and alternative schooling. Hotly debate issues such as global warming are promoted Ala "An Inconvenient Truth" as well as a pro homosexual view only policy. Lawsuits are pursued against any opposition to homosexuality and any reference to Christianity condemned.
The common denominator in all these situations is the undermining of parental authority. "Did God say 'You shall not eat of any tree in the garden'?" Gen. 3:1. And so it began as God, our first or ultimate parent, became the first victim of character assassination. The Qur'an reveals a deeper characteristic, telling that when God asked Iblis why he did not bow down before Adam per His command "He said, 'I am better than he;...' Then Satan began to whisper suggestions to them..." Qur'an 7.11-27. Mankind has fought hard to build standards of goodness that have brought blessing and prosperity, namely through religion. Organizations such as Focus on the Family take a prominent position in the Christian faith to support family structure and values. Pope Benedict XVI has put out his Message for the World Day of Social Communications, May 20th, titled "Children and the Media; A Challenge for Education", upholding the authority of parents. The United States is one of the only nations in the world where home grown Muslims are not considered a threat and in fact support strong family structures, particularly in our black communities, that contribute to society.
These standards and values are ingrained into our law and social structure. The Founding Fathers of this great nation instilled the highest ideals of honoring God and our fellow man into documents such as the "Declaration of Independence" and "The Constitution of the United States". The title itself, 'Founding Fathers', advances the position of something to be revered and upheld. Yet revisionist history devitalizes all they held dear.
To live a good life we need to shun evil and live a life that benefits others. This alone demands utmost effort and a commitment to higher ideals that does not come easily. In the same way supporting the family requires constant vigilance and dedication to the values it embodies. The family is God's design in which we grow to reach the full potential He has envisioned for each of us as our parent. There is no mystery to the origins of those who would seek to subvert its sovereignty.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

All Men Are Endowed

By Their Creator...
I felt a lingering sadness over the hanging of Saddam Hussein at the end of last year. It is not difficult to understand the sentence, and it was based on only a fraction of the actions he committed against humanity. The Wall Street Journal put forth a reasoned argument for execution and others rightfully pointed out that any nation responsible for his detention would become a target of terrorism. Ultimately the people of Iraq through their justice system decided his fate, and allows us all to rest easier that justice was done. Common practice dictates that those who violate the rights of others have their own rights taken away.
The Popes opposition to the execution recognizes a higher reality, that our founding fathers themselves submitted to, that human rights are given by God to all men and are inalienable. If we truly practice our belief in God can we ever justify the killing of others? The taking of an other's life is in a sense to claim an authority equal to that of God and carries an immense responsibility. It demands that those who were victimized accept the sentence as recompense for the violations against them and permit the loved ones of the accused to grieve. It demands that the loved ones of the accused accept that grave sins had been committed and not hold a grievance against others for the execution. Saddam's letter stated a realization that goodness exists on the side of his enemy. It is this ability to see beyond the man-made barriers we build between ourselves that enables us to recognize the inherent equality bestowed upon all men by God as our founding fathers did.
Islam had another chance to show its merits before the world, if not by showing clemency for Saddam, then by carrying out the execution with dignity followed by an appropriate response by all. The ensuing illicit execution video was not only a poor reflection on Islam in the Middle East but on all those who took delight in its images. The timely investigation and arrests of the perpetrators spoke well of Iraq's fledgling democracy.