Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Does Evil have a Conscience?

As President Bush declared an 'axis of evil' and put out an ultimatum to any nation that would harbor terrorists, Libya came to terms with the UN and Western Powers, giving up their nuclear ambitions. We should not see this as a quid pro quos, that force, the bombing of Libya in 1986 and other actions, leads to submission. In fact it was not force, but diplomacy and the guarantee not to over throw the Libyan regime that lead to the eventual process of incorporating Libya into the larger world community.
Can we compare Libya to North Korea? I do not believe so, but deeper principles need to be understood from the Libyan model than the power of diplomacy. Just as there are people throughout history who embody the highest ideals and virtues attributed to man, those like
Mother Teresa whom we call saints, there are those in our society that so embody evil that nothing that resembles a conscience is active. The complete denial of God composing the materialism of communism took another step in North Korea's Juche ideology. That is that Kim Il Sung, or now his son Kim Jung Il, is the personal embodiment of the power and will of the masses. Just as a man might shave, cut his hair or need surgery to remove a tumor, the masses were treated as the extension of Kim himself. A completely self oriented philosophy in complete contradiction to any world view that would include a God.
Libya has pursued ambitious projects for the sake of its
people and country and now Gaddafi's son, Seif Al-Islam, is aggressively working to reconcile the nation with its former internal enemies, offering restitution for the atrocities of the past. The bombing of Libya lead to a backing down of Gaddafi, where similar retaliation was never considered against North Korea. When North Korea killed numerous South Korean government officials in the Burma bombing, in an attempt to assassinate the South Korean President, any military retaliation would have resulted in certain war. It is not apparent that the apple has fallen far from the tree in the case of Kim Jung Il. Just as Adolf Hitler, in his final days, expected and demanded the destruction of the entire German nation in its resistance to the allied powers, North Korea stands defiant before the world.
The principle beyond diplomacy, that brought Gaddafi to give up on his evil intentions, is exemplified in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ as an act of love for one's enemy, but more clearly laid out in the story of Esau and Jacob. Esau, having no sense of the value of his birth right, stolen by Jacob, was waiting with 400 men to kill Jacob upon his return to Canaan. Knowing this, Jacob sent all his wealth and family before him, giving them to Esau, who most likely saw Jacob as returning to claim all Isaac's house and possessions, held by Esau, since it was Jacob to whom Isaac gave the blessing.
In the same way the break through with Libya was the guarantee of maintaining the Gaddafi regime, Kim Jung Il needs guarantees of his own. The atrocities and crimes against the people of North Korea by the Kim dynasty cannot be ignored and need to be stopped. What to be done with the Kim dynasty and those who carried out it's crimes against humanity and a plan to reunite North and South I call the 'Spartan Solution'.

To Be Continued.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Passing of Korea and Nuclear Power

"The Passing of Korea" by Homer B. Hulbert, an English missionary to Korea in the early 20th century, I recommend as a must read for the western mind to understand the culture and history of Korea and its current geopolitical situation. Witnessing the beginning of the Japanese occupation of Korea, beginning in 1905 after Japan defeated the Russians in a strategic battle for the peninsula, Hulbert concluded the Korea he knew would be complete subjugated and rebuilt in Japan's image.
Hulbert failed to learn however from his own observations. Korea had faced similar circumstances throughout its history and survived. Much of Korea's history was spent in offering tribute to China, whether it be Korean paper, highly valued, or women to serve as wives to Chinese husbands (this doesn't seem to be a new problem for China). China itself has often occupied Korea, and with its current leadership views Korea as its own territory, as it does Tibet, Taiwan and much of South East Asia.
In relation to
North Korea, does China not have the ability to build nuclear power plants? In fact the United States, South Korea and even Russia are all offering to help North Korea meet its energy needs by building nuclear power plants, but not China. Currently it is reported that China is supplying North Korea with power, and many manufacturing plants in North Korea are limited to producing products exclusively for China. Technically, North Korea is producing power equivalent to its demand. This leaves nothing for development and most of the power is coming from plants along the Yalu River, bordering China.
Though North Korea has the fourth largest army, in the world it would be no match against China, considering China is in the best position to supply or deny North Korea of food. An army exists on its stomach. The impending annexation of North Korea will ultimately lead to the Chinese demand to reunify the peninsula, absorbing the South as it has Hong Kong and seeks to absorb Taiwan. In fact the United States, though it defends Taiwan, it does not recognize
Taiwan as an independent nation nor is it a member of the United Nations as an independent nation.
One of the obstacles to allowing North Korea nuclear power plants was the possibility they may produce nuclear weapons. North Korea has removed that obstacle. One thing learned from Homer Hulbert's book is that Korea has historically displayed the art of playing surrounding powers against each other to their advantage. Yes, North Korea has only its own interests in mind, but there is a much larger picture besides the possibility of North Korea supplying nuclear weapons to terrorists, or an invasion of the South. It is a mistake to push North Korea into a corner with only China to turn to. Relations, especially those with the
South should not be cut off.

Monday, October 23, 2006


In last nights episode of CBS's "60 Minutes", a human interest story on the genocide in Sudan, correspondent Scott Pelley compared the 'death villages' of Darfur with the death camps of nazi Germany. Unfortunately, the evidence is not as convincing, as the killing is done within the course of a day and the Muslim militia, the Janjaweed, and government troops move on, yet evidence exists. Pointing out the amusement of the UN Sudanese delegation, when President Bush, speaking before the UN called the actions of the Sudanese government "genocide", I could hear the Sudanese answer to the accusations before they spoke; it's war and this is what happens in war.
Yes there is a war, occurring in Darfur. And yes, in WWII the RAF practiced the tactic of carpet bombing population centers to break the will of the people to fight, as were the Germans. The difference is that the allied forces were fighting an enemy that sought to destroy them and their lifestyle. An enemy that dehumanized and slaughtered others who didn't share their views. In the case of Sudan, populations are being attacked because of their ethnic background or religion. Not an exact comparison, but yes, the Sudanese government closely resembles the actions of nazi Germany.
It is time to call for an end of the Sudanese government if they will not allow Darfur to be occupied by a proposed 20,000 man UN force. And maybe even if they do.
The latest response from Sudan was to expel the UN special envoy Jan Pronk for web logging reports of Sudanese military failures. There are also reports that the Sudanese soldiers are refusing to fight.
Any leader of a nation that can turn to war so easily and without justification, needs to be made an example of. War should always be a last resort. Darfur, and the Southern regions of Sudan where similar oppression has occurred, should be taken away from the Sudanese Muslim government, and only to avoid a larger war that may occur if the UN tries to remove the standing government. It is time to end the insanity of a world where we accept that a government represents, or has the right to rule a people, they seek to destroy.
As far as using war as an excuse, stupid is as stupid does; the Sudanese government has blamed the Jews.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Now We Care

For decades the Kim dynasty in North Korea has been murdering, experimenting on and starving their citizens to death and that was OK. We can't challenge their sovereignty. But now that they have nuclear weapons, they better give them up or that's it.
We could have took out Sadam in the first Iraq War, but it wasn't until 911, an attack on us, that we finally decided a government butchering its people might pass on WMD's to terrorists intent on attacking the United States.
In the Vietnam war an invasion of North Vietnam could have saved millions of lives in South East Asia. Yes our death toll might have doubled or worse, but are tens of thousands of American lives more valuable than millions of Asian lives?
In fact there would be no North Korea if the United States and UN forces had done their job over fifty years ago. The reason wasn't lack of will, at least on the commanders part, for they knew the million man Chinese volunteers had been depleted. Even with the Chinese there, Ridgeway was sure they could retake the entire peninsula. The politicians on the other hand saw battles as a bargaining chip rather than a strategy to defeat the enemy. To bargain with whom; murderous thugs, given the undeserved dignity of representatives of a nation and people.
The fact is the leaders of the communist world and other oppressive governments are equivalent to Charles Manson and Timothy McVey. Yes forget
Hitler and Stalin. It is time to stop associating such criminals with the rights of representing anyone. Just as we had no hesitation in apprehending and executing McVey, there should be no hesitation in capturing and bringing to justice other criminals, whether they head governments or represent the United Nations itself. And it is only the United States that can lead this charge.
Why is the United States having problems grasping this concept and puts its own self interest first. Well it is human nature, but lets also look at the principles the United States was founded on; Christianity. God predestined everything, the poor will always be with us, the evil doers will be thrown into an eternal lake of fire on the last day, haha to them, and there will be no peace until Christ comes again floating out of the sky. Poof, you don't even have to look for Him, and its all over. As the Christian right seems to be playing a larger and larger role in politics they could use a little cause and effect scrutiny of their ideology.
Sure maybe diplomacy is the best option. We can offer these thugs the most luxurious prison facilities you could imagine if it would save the oppressed quicker or prevent a war, but we must demand the atrocities stop, in our media, in the public squares and in our churches. And for those who give up on world peace, yes, you Christians, its time to stop looking up at the sky and take a look at what's going on around you.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Cowboy Politics.

Like the country bumpkin with the winning hand sitting at a stacked table in a wild west saloon, the Republican Party is throwing everything in. With media giants and special interest groups palming the winning cards to the Democrats in plane site, being out gunned, this hick seed has few options. First he could protest, call the crooks out, and certainly end up dead. Or the townsfolk, watching everything unfold, usually moved to action by a lone cowboy, stand up and drive out the gang of trouble makers.
Sound too simplistic? Media bias and deception, voter fraud, lack of any agenda and political corruption are piled high in the Democratic camp. Where as the Republicans weed out their bad seed the Democrats don't even recognize the problem. The townsfolk have had enough.
Some may wonder why even the Republicans are predicting the loss of power? To put the Republican cause at a disadvantage and drive them out to the polls on election day, perhaps. When they continue to gain seats it can only be called one thing, a mandate from the people. Sure, they'll be a few stand alone Democrats (or Independents) to win big, but overall the Democrats will continue the downward slide. And with those R.I.N.O.s (Republicans in name only) we can't stop hearing about; why do we need Democrats? As it stands the Republican voters have every reason to come out strong and the Democrats have very few, unless they're planning to vote Republican.
Yes, I am officially predicting Republican victory in this next election. And no, I don't think this is happen stance but a brilliant straterized strategery. To anyone who may read this and think I'm just an idiot in the mold of G.W., all I can say is...

Yeeeee Haaaaaa!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Real Pipe Dreams. Or Ending the Nightmare?

One characteristic of Koreans is fierce independence, not individuality, but a quality that has let them keep their identity as a people as invaders swept over and occupied their nation for centuries upon centuries. Kim Jung Il has no apparent successor, and do not believe that China has kept his regime in power, and nation afloat, without strings attached. In reality China is posed to completely annex North Korea upon the end of little Kim's reign (life). What could stop this annexation. Perhaps nuclear weapons? Something China is beginning to realize.
Maybe it is not time for the United States to meet with North Korea one on one, but maybe it is time to exclude China and Russia from the formula. Russia's alliances are still in question and the printing presses North Korea is using to counterfeit our currency came from Iran via Russia (originally a gift from the US to the Shah of Iran).
What the United States (South Korea and Japan) has to offer is independence from China and its imperialist goals. What North Korea has to offer is the liberation of their people, opening to the South and allowing the UN to care for and monitor their country.

God Outlawed......., Again.

Michigan has just made it illegal to teach intelligent design in public schools. The arguments are easy to find on the internet and the theory of intelligent design is sound and powerful. The development of the eye seems to be the slam dunk in its favor, something Darwin could never resolve either. How did simple cellular life know the characteristics of light and develop a way to take advantage of it? And the odds, statistics, that so many random mutations could be so successful over such a relatively short time period. Intelligent design is a far superior 'scientific theory' than Darwinism, and that is what is predominantly taught in science class; theory. It appears that our judges are the least evolved among us.
The real issue is does God exist or not. All the arguments of those who oppose intelligent design are predominantly that 'God doesn't exist and you can't try to prove it'. OK Marx and Lenin, you did real well with those theories.




Sunday, October 08, 2006


Our founding father's put their faith in the inherent goodness of man and his Creator, reaching beyond differences in religion which had torn Europe apart for centuries, they came together, proclaiming liberty and the unalienable rights of all men, and the most prosperous nation this world has seen was born.
Time Magazine has reported that Fidel Castro is dying of cancer and protests mount in opposition to Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. Little is reported on our southern neighbors in relation to the big picture in politics. To remove the vulnerability of having a communist nation sitting on our doorstep is significant in our relations with China, which still believes in the vision of a worldwide communist society. North Korea, China's puppet, will also be influenced if the Cuban communist system would collapse.
It is time to put our faith in our fellow man, and some prayer, as we see the people of Venezuela stand up for liberty against the communist thug currently president of their nation, and hope the courage spreads to the people of Cuba, Iran and all other nations with oppressive governments. There are great steps to world peace to be accomplished here, more than meets the eye.


Thursday, October 05, 2006


Maybe the editorials will come out Sunday on the issue, but it makes me scream to hear the perverse logic Charles Carl Roberts IV used to shoot ten Amish girls this last week. Sighting his molestation of young female relatives, a fact being shown apparently false, and fear of molesting young girls again the conclusion is to murder young girls?
In the same stream of thought Congressman Mark Foley, caught soliciting young boys, enters into rehad. What is happening to the moral fortitude of this Nation? What has happened to personal responsibility.
A few days ago a local radio celebrity spoke about five States that still allow paddling, spanking, in their public schools. Instead of telling a child that they have a problem and need help or fill them with drugs when they behave badly, dish out some punishment and tell them not to do it again. Eventually they will learn, some quicker than others, and be better off for it. Let the children live and learn. Let them learn they have to face consequences for their actions, reconciling and leaving it in the past.
Rather everything is a problem, not one's own fault and one needs 'help'. Mr. Roberts, taking it to its final conclusion, has targeted young girls whom he claims he feared he would hurt. Not his fault, theirs!


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Louis Farrakhan

Upon news of Louis Farrakhen's failing health I find 300 authors, and 1300 post and counting, publishing racism, bigotry and thoughtlessness on the internet.
Having been outside the United States for several years I came back just as the news was filled with accusations of hate and violence centering on Louis Farrakhan, whom it appeared had the nation on the verge of a race war. I actually felt afraid for the country. Then I read and heard the quotes of Louis Farrakhan and was somewhat dumbfounded. I heard an expectation of violence but no threat of violence. Being interviewed he seemed quite intelligent with a well thought out reasoned ideology and world view that did not include aggression. In this age of Islamo-fascist Jihadism it should be evident to all that the Nation of Islam is not a violent group. Looking at his words and deeds, Louis Farrakhan appears a righteous man who desires peace, though his pessimism I haven't attributed to a religious leader before.
Yes, his ideology is filled with ideas that set one group of people apart from another, but isn't this a problem with all religions. Read the above linked posts. I would imagine that most of those posting were raised in Christian homes. Though, most would agree a true Christian would value every human being above one's self, this saintly standard is seldom achieved, and the teachings, usually centered on the idea of salvation, set one apart from another. All religions are plagued with this inconsistency and one can conclude that relativism is the natural evolution.
If all men are equal in God's site, yet we designate some saved and others damned for eternity, this contradiction is the seed for compromise, giving life to the relativism that is infecting and eroding civilization. Or in the case of the attacks on the Nation of Islam, the dehumanizing remarks centering both on race and creed, are a blight on this nation and play into Louis Farrakhan's own pessimism.
"We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed, by their Creator, with certain inalienable Rights,.....
God Bless America.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Southern Comfort

We can't take the dismal performance of the Manihiki tribe on the hit TV show 'Survivor, Cook Islands' as representative of the African American community. The dominance of Randal on the NBC show 'The Apprentice' makes that clear. But the Manihiki tribe showing is much more common than that of the Randal's in the African American community. The Reason. Racism; not its practice, but the belief in it. The silence in the media on the Survivor 'experiment' is systematic of the problem.
In the professional world one of the first hurdles to achieve success is to acquire a comfort level, with the people you deal with and one's own abilities. In the case of one's abilities it comes from facing, sometimes severe, criticism in one's work. When I was a small child, I went to visit the home of one of my classmates. His grandmother was home a very strict, German speaking woman who really made me feel uncomfortable, though three generations earlier my great grandfather would have run a very similar house. Overcoming these discomfort is part of life and becoming one with the larger community. It opens opportunity and stimulates creativity. Far too often in the African; wait I never use that word when I'm speaking. Far too often in the Black community this is called racism. Not that racism isn't very real, it just is no longer prominent in this nation.
Africa had been isolated to a much greater extent than Europe or Asia. No migration of the nations, no invading armies sweeping back and forth across the Asian steps. Trading routes were much more piecemeal on the African continent. The cultural differences are great and black culture in the U.S. has been very resilient. A attribute to be admired in most cases. In fact the influence of black culture is very strong in the U.S. Music and not to mention that hip 70's counter culture have made a powerful influence on the greater culture. If all the youth of black America were raised in stable two parent families, lost black time and achieved a comfort level with the larger society the black community would dominate this nation.
Unfortunately many in our society have become dependent on the stigma of racism. Old habits are hard to break, but until the black community throws off this security blanket we'll see many more Manihiki tribes. If Black people understood how disappointed ( I've been too well conditioned to say disgusted; that would be racist) the white community is at seeing the vilification of prominent blacks in our society, including Condoleezza Rice, and the lack of outrage at Clinton becoming the 'first black President' real understanding could begin.
This pseudo racism, just as real racism, hurts everyone. The white Rarotonga tribe was no shining example. The problem is a large portion of our population is comfortable with the way things are.