Thursday, June 28, 2012

Robbing Roberts

My economic future has been ripped from my hands. My clothes of liberty torn from my flesh. A single man, Chief Justice Roberts has let the government clean out the public’s pockets and search out our every resource for the sake of the general welfare.

Fortunately I recently switched from boxers to boxer briefs. The fly on the boxers, held closed with but a single button, can be a bit too revealing. The boxer briefs still keep my privates covered, as long as the government allows me to keep them.

The financial burden that the Obama care bill imposes to our economy, already on the brink, will lead to economic collapse and massive inflation. The baby boomers now retiring to fixed incomes will see all that they have saved disappear; become a fraction of what it's value is today. Healthcare costs will rise even faster than all other costs. Every economic class will suffer.

And as the government now chases after every bit of any disposable income my wife and I, and all of you, may accumulate it will not only be healthcare that we will not be able to afford. Of course if it is legal counsel we may need we have no worries. If my lawyer cannot make a sufficient case to keep me safe the judge can just step in and make a better argument, at least in his eyes, for me. Why would I even need a lawyer if the judge likes me, or perhaps fears me?

Let me not presume to know more about the law than Supreme Court Justices, but they themselves had said that tax laws cannot be challenged before the court until the taxes are actually levied: until you have complainants who were forced to pay it. Shouldn’t the judges have put there decision off for two years and hear arguments again over the constitutionality of what they decided was a tax, though Congress never designated it a tax and the administration fought hard to argue it was not a tax?

The Roberts’ Court has destroyed much of its credibility with the people of this nation though I doubt he knows it. They have launched an assault on the powers of the states in this last session.

This plays right into Mitt Romney’s hands. Obama care has infuriated the people and though Romney care may have similarities, Romney has made it clear he believes the states should be handling health care; that it is outside of the federal government’s powers. If Romney keeps to this theme, along with attacking the judiciary for undermining the power of the states and makes clear what kind of judges he would appoint he has a clear and concise plank in his yet to be defined platform. Looking at the history of the Mormons I can believe they have strong beliefs in the powers of the states. As I watch the debate on healthcare unfold I have more confidence that Romney will repeal all of Obama care.

But what is most fearful in the Supreme Court’s decision this morning is the temptation it holds out to the left. Socialism/communism believes in struggle, violent revolution as the natural way of the world. It is their truth. Now that the Supreme Court has handed over to Obama all the tools to take complete control over the people, now that he doesn’t have to start over on healthcare how much more tempting will it be for him to do anything to hold power? Far beyond voter fraud the democrats are instigating racial, political and economic strife among the populous. How far will Obama and the leftist of the democrat party be willing to go to hold power?

My opinion? If Fast and Furious had not been exposed they would be coming after our guns before the election and all their dreams would have come true.

Everything hinges on these four plus months leading to the 2012 election and what happens with and after the election. If Obama holds power for another four years he will never give it up. It is over for this nation as it was founded.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Obama Care, Ryan Care and don’t even think about it Romney Care!

I guess I am just a burden to society in the realm of health care. Others will most likely, but maybe not, have to cover the costs of my health care through higher prices to cover our medical expenses if any major health incident occurs in my life or that of my wife as currently we have no insurance. So the government is mandating via Obama care that others cover the costs of our health care, should misfortune befall either of us, though we will be contributing a comparatively small fine. Either approach suggests higher prices to cover losses. But who covers the costs of all the new hires, tens of thousands of employees (if not more), on every level public and private, to facilitate the functions of Obama care? We all do through our taxes or fines.

Even if Obama care survives the Supreme Court my wife and I will not be able to purchase an insurance policy and the fines, even cumulative over many years, will not come close to covering any major medical procedure a misfortune would bring, though Obama care declares otherwise. Maybe they will have more fines and penalties for us if we cannot pay. Will it be a crime to become ill? Most likely they will simply deny us treatment, costs being the issue, the driving force behind their logic.

We nickel and dime our way through life, hoping for future prosperity with part time jobs and running two businesses, only one currently bringing a profit. For not purchasing government mandated insurance under Obama care we will each be personally fined at 2.5% of our household income or $695 each, which ever is greater. They claim by violating the mandate to buy insurance that we are not actually breaking the law, at least until they say otherwise. At a now $30+K a year that would mean we will be forced to pay maybe $1,390 a year in fines, though I am not sure anyone could tell us what we will really be paying yet. This is less than what health insurance would cost us for one month at current rates. With self pay rates an annual trip to the doctor with no tests at all costs one of us nearly $400 already, and less than half of that goes to the doctor and his operating expenses.

We were carrying significant debt, with monthly payments on interest alone running just above and below $500. I was told some four years ago we were eligible to declare bankruptcy but we tried to fight it out. But we couldn’t make any significant headway on the debt, as every time we chopped it down some large expense such as a furnace or car repair would hit us. We filed for chapter 7, though 13 would definitely have been an option.

This debt was not overwhelming under my past salary when I worked as an architectural designer. A good portion of our past debt was run up pursuing alternative healing methods for which I was out of the country for over a month which resulted in my employment being unexpectedly terminated. That was seven years ago. We don’t take food stamps or other assistance and though some believe I could and should file for disability I would not even if I believed I was disabled. Rather than take unemployment I started a business. (and have I mentioned I wrote two books, available on Amazon)

We don’t live an expensive lifestyle. We don’t drink or smoke. We get to a few movies a year, often at a discount cinema. I attend and sometimes participating in a few mountain bike race events a season. We have skipped some major family events because of travel costs. I occasionally play in poker tournaments because I break even over any extended period of time. We go to the local casino on our birthdays for a $25 club credit we use for dining and drop ten or twenty dollars in the slot machine. We often walk away with five to fifty dollars in winnings because we stop if we get ahead. The city values our home at nearly $61,000 after the housing crisis. The realtor said it was worth $45,000 and in this current market we could maybe get $10,000 for it. My parents helped us pay for a new roof about five years overdue.

(yes I must be detailed. If by some small chance this post received any significant traffic…)

Now, after bankruptcy, we are currently taking care of obligations that we had deferred for many years, but hope to start building wealth next year. We can do this because we are not buying health insurance. We are taking the risk because we see no other way to get a head; to pursue the American Dream.

It is not that we will not try our best to pay our medical expenses should tragedy befall us. Hospitals are willing to take any payments, even $20 month, without charging interest. At one point in the past I received charity medical assistance. Over two years ago, with a bill of over $2,000, I filed for charity assistance again, hoping for some reduction in costs. But, the criteria for charity assistance for ‘small business owners’ had changed and we were not eligible. This, when Obama care was being debated in Congress.

We feel obliged to cover our debts. We always tried the best we could. What would allow us to cover our healthcare to a far greater degree than Obama care is something I suggested long ago on this blog and more than once. Let us form a tax deductible H.S.A. (health savings account) without an associated insurance policy.

Yes, there are MSA’s, Medical Savings Accounts for the uninsured, where you lose any excess funds in the account at the end of the year. Because there is never enough from the liberal perspective. There is Badger Care here in Wisconsin but when I inquired years ago we were not eligible or couldn’t afford it and now our insurance agent for home and auto no longer deals in health insurance; a growing trend.

People like my wife and I will feel obliged to put aside money, even deferring other needs and obligations, to make sure we have some medical coverage. We recently started another savings account. But we certainly are not going to be starting an MSA and lose an average of $75 a year. We have IRA’s designed to meet a variety of situations and to serve a variety of goals. But no H.S.A.’s unless you buy insurance?

When our forefathers came to pursue the American Dream they had no financial safety net for healthcare outside of becoming prosperous or depending on the goodness of others. Healthcare facilities were made up of those interested in meeting the medical needs of their patients. Now a healthcare facility is made up not predominantly of doctors and nurses, but of bean counters (insurance company staff and the corresponding staff at medical facilities to handle all the filing not to mention staff to meet government imposed regulations) and possibly soon control freaks (the government and the IRS agents and others that will be employed to enforce Obama care). All this contributes to the cost of healthcare and shifts the focus away from care and towards profit margins. What kind of healthcare can one expect from such a system whether you describe it as private or public sector? Great! If you’re rich.

Am I wrong in saying that I would want to put my care into the hands of doctors and nurses, and charity organizations formed from the sincere desire of the well off to help those who are not, than into the hands of bean counters and control freaks?

The reality is even those such as Paul Ryan are not immune from special interest influence. Why are all solutions to healthcare, insurance based? Why cannot our government seriously cut our healthcare costs and give us tools to pay for it ourselves? Tort reform and allowing the sale of insurance across state lines are two reforms that everyone knows will lower healthcare costs almost immediately, yet Congress cannot get it passed. I am sure there are layers of needless regulations that add to costs that also could be repealed.

Mr. Ryan I know you are focused on the entitlement aspect of healthcare but there is no affordable insurance for many families like my own. The insurance system itself is part of the problem as far as healthcare costs are concerned. An immoral Congress that cannot act for the immediate benefit of the people, a government that piles on more and more regulation, cost, is the other side of the coin. And if health insurance were a good investment the rich wouldn’t do without it. Think of the tens of thousands a family puts into insurance each year and what that could do if invested.

But the government says we the uninsured are the problem. A problem the government will solve by making healthcare even more expensive, …so they can send the problem to government death panels.

Obama care tempts the public with the promise of removing financial risk. This is wrong in two aspects. First, nothing progresses without risk: society will stagnate. Second, it deprives the public of choice. Not only will they dictate what care you will or will not receive, the sky rocketing costs that anyone with half a brain and a conscience know will occur will drain away all disposable income one can currently invest in their future; in our case $500 a month.

I have several choices to cover any medical tragedy we may incur. I can buy life insurance that we could sell if I should become terminally ill and know approximately what my final expenses will be. It is far cheaper than health insurance. If I die suddenly it will cover funeral expenses.There are activity specific insurance policies that are very inexpensive that often come with membership in organization such as USA Cycling, where you are covered for any cycling related accidents. I can simply put money into a savings account. I could look to charities or family and friends. I can choose to do nothing and simply die naturally in the way mankind has passed on for thousands of years, leaving any assets for my family. Somehow in this tiny moment of time when medical science has advanced to a high degree the government suddenly wants to control the science and hand it out as it sees fit, declaring it a civil right. A civil right that only the government can bestow that trumps one’s religious liberties in the case of Catholic hospitals. Our forefathers believed our rights originated from God; the capital G.

Mitt Romney, if government sticks its nose into healthcare and requires everyone to buy a policy people like my wife and I will have no more choices and no more opportunity. Like that interest we paid on our debt for year upon year that kept us from paying off the balance, kept us in poverty, government mandated purchases (a tax but not a tax depending on the audience) will relieve us of all choice in determining our future as all our earnings will be spoken for via government mandate. But the risk will still exist as nothing will really have changed. The rich and well connected will be able to get the medical services they need and those without excess funds will be rationed to death. Many will decide to not even try to get ahead.

Risk and choice. Any parent understands that they cannot keep their children from risky behavior or from making poor choices. Any parent of merit understands they cannot control their child. The process is what makes one who they are. I know you understand this Mitt Romney. I heard that you gave away your inheritance and decided to make it on your own. Did you buy health insurance when money was tight? Why do you believe in mandating health insurance? Why do you think government can do what I parent would want to do but has the wisdom to realize that they can’t? Will this government hold the same compassion for the ill as a parent would for their child or simply deem them an unproductive member of society, an unviable mass? This delusion of the ability to control is the great arrogance of government that our forefathers tried to protect us from by giving us the freedom to take risks, to fail or succeed, to make our own unregulated choices.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

The Election Wars

Wisconsin has become ground zero for the struggle between the silent moral majority of this country (AKA the tea party) and the socialist left that President Obama has exemplified as a Marxist struggle against individual freedom and capitalism. The democrats have declared Wisconsin a dry run for the upcoming Presidential election.

The primary elections for governor in the recall elections here in Wisconsin could not have been more ideal. The mass mobilization of the good people in this state was inspiring. Governor Walker received more votes than the leading democrat opponent yet fewer votes than all four of the democrat candidates together. This gave all conservatives great hope, yet at the same time kept the urgency and the drive to take back our state and country alive with the potential for a democrat win still clearly looming.

There is a strong drive to mobilize the base on both sides in Wisconsin. The union’s radical political arms are mobilizing, focusing their national forces here in Wisconsin. Early voting, absentee voting is being done on a massive scale in Milwaukee and Madison; liberal strongholds. People fear mass fraud will occur. Out of state vehicles are bringing in people by the van loads to vote. Some wonder why many a middle aged black citizen is just registering to vote for the first time now. Didn’t they voter for Obama in 2008?

This is the only viable scenario in which the democrat’s Tom Barrett could defeat Governor Walker; the success of massive attempts at voter fraud. A figure as high as 40,000 votes has been put forward as the possible extent of fraud by Reince Priebus. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was higher. Voter fraud has been documented, and evaluations of the election process here in Wisconsin, even by the Milwaukee Police department, have suggested the incidents of fraud are high. Democrat politicians here and elsewhere continually claim we have no significant fraud despite the statistics. The democrats cannot tolerate picture ID requirements for voting and timed their legal actions against the voter ID law in Wisconsin so it would not be enforced for this election. But whatever the outcome may be in the Wisconsin election for governor the democrats lose.

A Walker win will ignite hope in the hearts of all true Americans. It will provide a vision for the future that will snowball across the country creating an avalanche that will sweep over Congress.

A Walker loss would only infuriate the tea party. We, the now not so silent majority, will be more determined than ever to stand against what we have all come to recognize as un-American; a threat to freedom itself. When the national elections arrive the democrat forces of fraud will be far too dispersed to make a difference.

So what is my greatest fear? Many, including myself, have looked upon the welfare system in the United States as a tactic to create a permanent underclass that would always vote for the democrats to protect their portion of the public dole. I am beginning to perceive something deeper and more sinister in the works. As Obama and others stir up revolutionary rhetoric in the southwest, as we have witnessed the disgusting and violent tendencies of the occupy movement, as the Attorney General has long refused to investigate the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation I have to ask a question; Was this underclass created so their votes could be easily bought or is it an integral part of an ideological plot to overthrow this country. Violent revolution is a staple on the communist menu. It is central to the ideology. Struggle makes the world go round and they don’t me debating over what movie you are going to see this weekend. Communist governments were never necessary to promote violent revolution around the world, only the ideology; a world view presented as the truth.

Big government forces do not need to keep people poor and ignorant to buy their votes. Look at the green energy companies dependent solely on the government. Then there are companies like GE or GM. Wall Street has met with so much regulation and the manipulation of financial instruments that few can separate them from the government policy and few can recognize fraud even if they are the ones perpetrating it. The criminal becomes anyone the government decides is the criminal.

The construction industry has become dependent on the government, even if only in the bestowing of tax incentives to private sector companies to build, expand or relocate. Even if a project of any kind were completely privately funded, highly uncommon these days outside of single family housing (and the Obama government seems to promote renting over buying), with ever increasing regulations and work rules the construction firms are dependent on the graces of government bodies and officials, or so they’ve been trained. The government’s near mandate of highly subsidized rail construction are to be followed by subsidizes to relocate existing housing and businesses to locations along the rail lines.

If this isn’t buying votes…

In the 80’s when I was doing volunteer work for a Victory Over Communism program our church was running I had the chance to meet figures such as Sir John Noble. I had heard testimonies that there were communist training camps just south of the border in Mexico preparing to instigate revolution in the southwest. Now we have murderous drug cartels with military training causing terror and chaos along the border. One caller to a local talk show host had an interesting perspective that was missed by the host; If these cartels have ties to the Mexican military why are they acquiring weapons from gun stores (We’re talking Fast and Furious people) when they could acquire military grade equipment from their ties in Mexico?

Yes, Fast and Furious was a plot by our own government to take away our Second Amendment rights and the drug lords appeared willing to play along.

Ever since the end of the Second World War until the fall of the Berlin Wall we were raised to fear the Red Threat. Eventually, after the early days of the Cold War there was a backlash against the blacklisting of people that may or may not have had communist sympathies. Some even tried to portray these sympathizers as traitors. But this is the United States and people are free to believe what they want as long as they are law abiding citizens. But are those of communist persuasion now embedded in our government and media all law abiding citizens?

Here in Wisconsin there is a continual attempt by democrats to have those who may have used public computers, equipment, office space or time for campaigning prosecuted. It is a crime. The problem is, just like with voter fraud, no matter how much evidence there may be against a democrat in regards to these laws there is never any investigation, let alone prosecution. Mayor Barrett’s wife has been documented to have violated these laws regarding the use of public resources for campaigning yet no investigation or charges are in the works. Mayor Barrett is Scott Walker’s opponent this Tuesday.

Attorney General Holder has lied to Congress and the attempt to find out how high this Fast and Furious scandal goes has been blocked. The mainstream media has tried to ignore the issue. Should Holder be impeached? Yes. Has he committed crimes, crimes that could even border on treason? Treason is a serious charge that needs to be resolved through serious investigation. Unfortunately we have few with the moral fortitude and insight that could possibly conduct such an investigation and this is the heart of the dilemma this nation finds itself in. Where the tea party has a clear vision of what America is or should be, we have lost the moral compass that has guided this nation in the past. Secularism and moral relevance has destroyed the conscience of our institutions. A conscience that was often typified in the media in days gone by. Now what’s cool, in the words of Victor Davis Hanson, what appears popular in any fleeting moment is what rules the day in media of every type and most tragically in our government.

Besides the Attorney General on the national level we can find troubling tendencies at the local level. Here in Milwaukee violent crime is high. Every week is filled with multiple murders whereas just one county over in Waukesha they just had their first murder in two years. Again Scott Walker’s opponent Mayor Barrett has touted lowering violent crime rates but an investigation by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has reveal a large number of violent crimes that were categorized otherwise, many crimes against women and children. The violent crime rate is higher not lower according to the FBI.

Wilding has been an issue every summer for a while now. Minority youth invade the streets and businesses causing injury and mayhem. Many victim’s reports were not take by the responding police officers. They refused to take the reports.

I often wonder why so many police chiefs across this nation, including here in Milwaukee, oppose the rights of law abiding citizens to arm themselves. We have a good police chief here in Milwaukee. I would not call him particularly politically inclined in any specific direction. The problem is he will not question those above him. He claims the violent crime statistics were human and computer error. Many think he was directed to alter the statistics. When he claims cities of similar size across the nation have similar error rates he does not convince me they were errors, and that worries me deeply.

I do not think the democrats were ready to consider possibly playing the violent revolution card for another four years. As I have stated before, I believe Obama was ordained by the left to be the great leader for this nation. Soon after he was elected some questioned why we have term limits for the office of president. Just as Chavez took power over Venezuela despite term limits Obama was to become the permanent figurehead for the glory and honor of the disenfranchised, the miss-fortuned and down trodden of this nation. In other words the true citizens, or how they view you, me and everyone else whether we are smart enough to recognize it ourselves or not. Maybe I need some re-education. Maybe I should be more complacent, like Julia in the democrats “Life of Julia” presentation where Obama is there throughout the length of her life to oversee the fulfillment of her every need.

If the leftists could not accomplish complete domination by 2016 that ace in their pocket, violent revolution by an underclass they created, was to be played, after creating a military that caters to every sexual deviant possible. (yes, there is a norm in nature and everything else is a deviation) After ending “don’t ask don’t tell” there were immediate plans to open the military to the needs of the transgender population. With a military consumed with political correctness who would question martial law, the discontinuation of elections or the outlawing of all but a single party?

I hope that Obama, Pelosi and other leading democrats of communist persuasion can admit that there cause is lost and not turn their forces to violence. They seem blind to the fact that the hopes of an Obama second term look bleak. Maybe it is better that way. But I fear this election in Wisconsin will be a wake up call for the true communists of the democrat party. If they should determine that this is the time to go for it all they will instigate violence on a massive scale centering on the 2012 elections. It is who they are. They will fail because they do not understand how small a minority of this country they truly are, but they will cause much suffering in the process.

If I wrote this even two years ago I would be laughed at. The media even now is blind to Obama’s true ideological background. They are either ignorant and incompetent, or liars. But we all hear over and over that the left cannot run on their true agenda. So what agenda is that? I don’t believe it is an Islamist agenda. It is an agenda that refuses to reach across the isle (though they demand it from others when they are not in power) and vilifies all and any who disagree. It is an agenda we now all recognize as anti-American; anti-freedom. There is only one ideology, system of thought and politics in this world it could be.

This world has but two mainstream ideologies; godless communism that glorifies violent struggle or freedom God loving democracy. It is time we all recognize that we are dealing with this godless communist force that has been eating away at the United States for over fifty years and stop closing our eyes to its dangers.