Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Milwaukee Republican Presidential Candidate’s Debate; Issues, Issues, Issues

It is impossible for me to comprehend the horrors that occurred in Paris. I lack the standing to write on the attack directly but will address the problem of Islamo-Fascist Terrorism in future posts.

As a common man here in Milwaukee I had neither the ability to attend the latest republican debate nor to see it on television. I listened, as I have the previous debates, to the debate over local radio.

More important in this debate than how each candidate was perceived as a winner or loser, all that matters to the media, were the issues. Several issues stood out, and the hunger for viable solutions to the ills of this nation in the mind of the common man began to be satiated.

Let me get the overall impressions out of the way first.

Carly Fiorina was expert, precise and always on topic. She implies radical conservative reform in her views on government. Ted Cruz was powerful and clear. His concrete actions to reduce government and government intrusion excited conservatives; and no one would mind getting rid of the Department of Commerce two times over. They were the winners.

Donald Trump, though looking unaware that the Asian trade agreement did not include China, still made powerful points. If Donald Trump, or Ben Carson with his extreme mild mannerisms, suffered any setbacks they were all overcome by their closing statements.

Rand Paul was impressive. He held himself up as top tier, though his foreign policy views still give pause.

John Kasich sounded panicked and Jeb Bush sounded, for the first time, like he believes in something.

Marco Rubio…? Let’s get into the issues.

‘Far more establishment than even he knows.’ It is what I always say about Marco Rubio. Many are fawning over him after this last debate. Marco Rubio’s comments on Putin did not serve him well. Yes, domestically, economically, Putin and the oligarchs are much like a collection of crime families. But Rubio delivered his remark, that Putin is a gangster, as if it were the punch line to a joke.

On the International scene Putin embodies a strong sense of national identity, and pride. Russia under Putin is aggressive and possibly even ruthless, advancing until they meet resistance, however Russia is a legitimate International policy player. Certainly a new administration should not rush to in anyway please Putin, but one will have to work with Putin.

We are a nation of laws and borders. Without adherence to the law and definition of our borders we are not a nation. Excuse my paraphrase of Donald Trumps stance. It was concise and a homerun from where I was sitting. Ted Cruz agreed profoundly and expounded. It was a joy to my heart to hear candidates that truly understand what makes a nation.

Law and order is a profound issue in this nation, from our borders to our inner cities, from a dysfunctional government bureaucracy to a certain candidate in the democrat party.

On taxes Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson Ted Cruz and I believe Rand Paul all present tax plans that bring drastic long overdue foundational reforms to this nations tax policies. It puts them ahead of the others in the minds of the common man. The fare tax candidate did not make the cut.

I believe Donald Trump has absolute faith that when taxes and the cost of doing business are lowered this economy will boom. He is right, but he will still be working with the existing format of tax codes.

A three page tax code; that’s real reform.

Kasich, Marco Rubio and Bush I do not believe can get away from our existing tax code with all its loopholes and intricacies. Though they may say that they will reform the tax code, and I believe they will make improvements in the tax code that will be beneficial to our economy, they are all too establishment to accomplish any true reform. Without true reform tax codes over time will simply regress back to stifling our economy. Candidates have talked the talk on reforming taxes forever. Who has ever done it? Even Ronald Reagan couldn’t simplify the tax code.

Dodd Frank: the sound of its repeal another joy to the mind of the common man. Many a small business, not just small financial institutions will benefit greatly from the repeal of this act of oppression.

Too big to fail? Non of the candidates took a full swing at this issue. I was disappointed all the while saying to myself; “What about the FDIC?” Are we not all insured up to $250,000 dollars if a bank should fail? What ‘little guy’ will be hurt by allowing a bank to fail? Okay, it may take a long time to get that money back, but they will. Okay, a lot of people and businesses far from the top 10% may have holdings far more than $250,000, but too bad for them if they didn’t diversify.

The common man wants the too big to fail. We long for the too big to fail. The common man sees the too big being just as corrupt and incompetent, just as arrogant and overbearing, as the political class.

Marco Rubio…?

There is an issue that will show clearly, if his workings with the gang of eight and his views on immigration have not, that Marco Rubio truly is establishment through and through. That issue is: What will he do after Obamacare is repealed?

As the common man delights in seeing important issues brought forth, issues which have been far from front and center in any debate until now, one unaddressed issue still burns in our minds. What will happen when Obamacare is revealed? Will it be replaced by something just as destructive and oppressive? Is our country on an irreversible slide into absolute servitude where freedom is a forgotten dream?

The common man wants government completely out of healthcare. Simple reforms already proposed by republicans long ago, such as the ability for companies to sell policies across state lines, are needed and will be fruitful for the citizens. But now that government has implanted itself into our healthcare via Obamacare, who can resist this grip on power? They rationalize away the inherent evil in absolute control under the guise that they can do better.

This problem with healthcare will never be resolved as long as we live under the expectation of insurance as prepaid medical. Prepaid medical has only one end; single payer. Only Ben Carson’s plan creates a dynamic where people need not rely on insurance providers. Under his system a well organized family of moderate means could become their own insurance company. Only this plan holds the ability to bring a large enough percentage of the population out from under the control of insurance providers to make a difference in costs. This will open the free market where fewer people are governed by insurance companies and more shop for the best service for the price.

The Ben Carson’s plan abandons the free market by demanding that the government set prices.

Several crucial issues are front and center among our republican candidates. Yet the candidates reluctance to address “Too big to fail!” and a lack of clear scrutiny of “What happens after Obamacare?” leave the common man in an uneasy state.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Our Precious Veterans

I have written previous that we the people of this once great nation are already suffering under tyranny; that our freedoms have been lost. With unintelligible laws, a single bill taking a lifetime to read, a ruling political class that can manipulate the law anyway they see fit, yet never holding themselves subject to those same laws, and a judiciary that has all but abandoned the people, our freedoms are being held above our heads as a privilege bestowed by an enlightened political class; a class who suppose us too ignorant to comprehend their self-proclaimed greatness.

We are no longer a free people. The rampant attempts at political suppression here in Wisconsin, not completely unsuccessful, have been shown to be, through found correspondence with the IRS, the designs of those who seek to rule this entire nation with an iron fist. Citizens of this nation are being sent to prison and criminalized on an ever greater scale simply for their political beliefs.

The prosecutions of Kelly Rindfliesch here in Wisconsin and Dinesh D’Souza are clear examples highlighting the reality that no one but the extremely wealthy have the power to put up a fight against state and federal prosecution. The sap imprisoned for a video, about which Hillary Clinton lied to cover up her failings on Benghazi as Secretary of state, show that for the convenience of those in power anyone might find themselves targeted and condemned by our government.

When I or others suggest that we currently live under a tyrannical government, there is a typical comeback from those who believe in Obama; a man whose policies are directly responsible for ten of thousands of deaths around the world, if not millions, and who has fast tracked Iran’s nuclear weapons program; a nation sworn not only to the total destruction of Israel but of the United states as well. It goes something like this.

“Well, we don’t have labor and concentration camps, death camps, and gulags. That’s tyranny! Our government is not evil. Those working against our government are evil. The government is working hard to take care of us. You just want to take our stuff away.” (stuff handed out by the government)

Such an argument is based on the belief that all opposing views are evil and that the government, simply by its nature, is good. But is it true we do not have concentration camps?

What would you call our inner cities? Where democrat politicians sit back and let blacks slaughter their fellow blacks in mass? Where the criminals are continually let out, under the guise of racial equity, to kill again. Where the police lack the resources to even respond to all the crime being committed. …Where babies are harvested to support government funded experiments in our state education institutions.

And what of the care that our veterans are receiving? If they do receive care through the Veteran’s Administration it is often found to be incompetent. The number of Veteran deaths due to lack of proper medical care cannot be explained away as anything other than intentional neglect.

What is a greater threat to a blossoming tyranny among we, a free people, than our veterans? The government is actively working to deny our veterans the right to bear arms; those who bravely and selflessly protected our nation by become expert and professional in those arms. Now, under the Obama administration, our military ranks are being actively filled with homosexuals and the transgender. Political correctness equals advancement and pursuing false concepts of equality are more important than the defense of our nation.

If our political efforts to save this nation fail and, by the grace of God, good and upright leaders organize our state governments against the federal government to take a stand for freedom and preserve the peace, our veterans will be an important asset in the defense of our freedoms. They are experienced soldiers. Many know and have connections to our existing military structure. They are proven patriots and understand more clearly than anyone why war must be avoided if at all possible.

If the such extreme action is required to reclaim our nation, if anyone can keep this country from the bloodshed of civil war it will be our veterans standing brave in war and peace as always.

God Bless the United States. God Bless our soldiers and veterans who have fought and stood guard for freedom. Our freedom is the world’s freedom.

Veterans are our most precious of citizens.