Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Resonance Chamber

What the left, namely the mainstream media, cannot understand or refuses to recognize is that the people of this nation have any valid opinions at all. They see a collection of lowbrows, now gathering into a mob called the Tea Party. Haters and bullies that need to be put down.

Even while they are failing, the mainstream publications and networks going bankrupt and looking to the government for their own permanent bailout, they consider their journalistic crusade an historic struggle against... What? The people?

We? The people?

Yes the people established this nation and government and now the people have decided they don't want to buy what the main stream media has to offer.

And why is where the people are looking for their news, talk radio and what is now called the alternative media, being threatened by the government? The fairness doctrine appears for the moment to be out of favor but how long will that last, with the mainstream media and prominent democrat leaders making relentless, crude, and predominantly baseless accusations against what they see as their opposition.

The main stream media and government have left the people. They see us as unable to function without their malevolent, oops sorry, benevolent guidance.

We are called an echo chamber. Just mindless minions repeating empty slogans. But it is not an echo chamber, rather a resonance chamber. It is the resonance of truth. Like a tuning fork ringing, the vibrations spreading to others that share the same resonance. The people are responding to what they know deep in their hearts, what is truly important to them.

What is today called conservative ideals are a collection of ideas that ring true. Because they are based on truth. The testament to that being the countless ways they are applied to, expressed in, every level of the workings of America and the lives of its citizens.

The right is not an echo chamber. The ideas are stated from various endless perspectives because the truth permeates our lives. There is no repetition. Callers to talk radio, simple people, often make great points that rival the hosts. I believe I offer a perspective in most cases that is unique, and at times hit something out of the box that might deserve greater recognition. But I am not a professional commentator. And in my case, or that of a caller, the professionals simply don't have the time to cover every pertinent aspect of the issue, so it makes us stand out. They have to focus on what they see as the strong points on an argument or issue. And they all have varying perspectives all pertaining to the same truth. A truth with endless common sense connotations.

How different though in the mainstream media? I believe it is Rush Limbaugh that often puts together clips of the various main stream media outlets mindlessly repeating the same talking points on an issue. And there's the endless websites, blogs and others, that place something onto the Internet and then network to spread it thick. Repetition being their expression of professional ethics. There is the true echo chamber.

With the left, rather than nonsense going in one ear and out the other through that great void, their thinking is askew. On the way to the other side the nonsense runs out of alignment and bounces around in there until it finds its way out the mouth. Often slandering and libeling those on the right. But never having to apologize.

And the recent brew-ha-ha over the Shirley Sherrod story has clearly pointed out the gross vapidness and hypocrisy of the left, the main stream media. When Shirley Sherrod clearly called out Glenn Beck by name, in reference to the supposed attacks that led to her firing, it was clear to me that this was all a trap. A trap intended for a figure seen as the weak link, as he has the tendency to be brash and irreverent in style at times (and incredibly funny too)...(sometimes I just can't stop laughing). But Glenn Beck is obviously a professional. Wanting to lead with the story on his TV show, he didn't when the context of the statements couldn't be found.

And then it quickly broke down. Quickly. The main stream, having often slurred others on the right never retracting their statements or apologizing, rushing to point out how terrible it was to paint this person in a bad light unjustly. The apogee being Dan Rather's remarks that the main stream media actually verifies their stories.

Oh... Wait. That wasn't Dan Rather. I just don't follow the main stream closely enough to know all their names, unlike those professional commentators who I'm sure are familiar with his name. But I know it begins with an 'S' and is at least four letters.

Maybe I should have made a phone call.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

TV Viewership


A topic that might not seem fitting for this blog, but let me share my unique perspective on the large drop in prime time TV viewing. A significantly larger decline than in the past.

It's unemployment. We do a lot of socializing in the work place and make an investment of brawn and intellect. You get home and you need some down time; TV time. Now if you're not working you're not being challenged on those levels and there is not much socializing going on throughout the day. Just the innate desire to interact on various levels with others and the greater society drives people to go out in the evenings, especially the long evenings, even if they don't have a lot of money. If you're not working evening is the most convenient time to get your social interaction fix.