Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodwill to Men

What is goodwill? Can you hold it in your hand? Can you see it as you can see a tree growing in your yard? Can you feel it like a fine carpet under foot? Can you taste goodwill. Perhaps only in metaphor.
How is goodwill conveyed? How is it understood? Can you show goodwill to a lion or tiger and expect it to respond in kind? Goodwill is a human understanding, a common understanding, and that commonality, the fact that we can share what can not be quantified in material terms is the testament to what makes us human.

The topic of politics came up between myself and a respected member of our church; a black man. The origins and nature of the democrat party was the issue. Factual realities such as the racist nature of the democrat party founder, Andrew Jackson, the democrat party’s stand against civil rights, that Al Gore’s father filibustered the civil rights act, the Jim Crowe laws of the democrat south, the fact that Martin Luther King was a republican, that the respected senator Robert Byrd, a democrat, was the prominent leader of the KKK, that the KKK was born as the militant branch of the democrat party, that democrat party policies destroyed the black family, that they are leading a black genocide via Planned Parenthood, none of it was going to sway my brother in faith’s belief in what he believed to be the party for his people. …and I could have gone on.

My friends belief that somehow the democrats reformed and that the republican party, the party of Lincoln, converted, “switched places with the democrats”, to a platform of racist elitism bent on the destruction of the poor could not be changed. It is the way things are and I was incapable of understanding the reasons.

Am I incapable of understanding the plight of the black man? As a human speaking to a fellow human the term goodwill would convey something near identical to each of us. We even have the capability to express and admit to experiences and intentions we recognize as beyond our understanding. We say, unimaginable suffering, or indescribable destruction where even an image could never convey the devastating emotional toll upon the victims.  We speak of bitter sorrow to quantify the experience beyond the common.

So as one human to another, as one human to any other human, can one deny another’s empathy or compassion, judging the other incapable of any possible understanding? No. When you do, you strip away what makes us human from the relationship. There is no basis for a relationship. An irreconcilable divide will arise, if ever I were to discuss politics with my friend again, as it stands now.

I have not experienced what it is to grow up black, to live as a black man. But as a human, as a citizen that remembers the turmoil of the sixties as a small child, who witnessed the black pride of the seventies, the red lining of neighborhoods and the decline of the black family, along with the decline of the nation, as a responsible member of society, as one who, being human, cannot help but feel and distress over the fate of this nation and its people that includes all men, I am perfectly capable and qualified to enter into the national discussion on race or any other topic relevant to this nation. My opinions are perfectly valid in the human debate.

Here is what I can understand. The black man of today, anyone under forty, is incapable of understanding the suffering their ancestors experienced. Their difficulties can never compare to the hardships that have come before. I saw the neighborhoods to which blacks were confined when a was a child. My dad drove us through them. I have spoken to elderly black faithful on occasion in their homes. It doesn’t mean I comprehend their suffering completely, but I am certain capable of understanding that what young blacks experience today would not be called racism by those who have come before. Those before them would see limitless opportunity today. How could I possibly make that claim? you ask. I can make it because I am just as human as any other man or woman on God’s good earth.

When the race mongers and your black lives matter types declare any view but their own valid, when they declare only they can understand, that only they are qualified to comment, they are taking the humanity out of the discourse. And when our humanity is denied, when we deny man’s ability to transcend the material, there is no truth, there is no lie, no compassion, no empathy only survival of the fittest, struggle, turmoil and eternal strife.

It is this condition of turmoil, strife, suffering, and ignorance over our very surroundings, attributed to the fall of man in the Bible, that humanity has been struggling to overcome for thousands of years, if not hundreds of times longer. It was through aspiring to and submitting to the unseen and pursuing absolutes in the world around us that virtue and understanding advanced. Upon these qualities humanity could cooperate and unite around a common good, the natural world could be quantified, analyzed and put to work through our growing knowledge of science.

The United States at one time was the fruit, the crowning glory of the Christian world, of Christian history. It brought never before seen blessings, prosperity and peace to all men throughout the world.

Now warfare and bloodshed around the world are preferable to a supposed United State homogeny. The people’s of the world are being coaxed to surrender their wealth and futures in response to computer models that run contrary to the truth in the name of global warming and saving the earth. The traditional family is optional to the preferred practice of perversions mankind has been attempting to free itself from since the beginning. The unborn are disposable and the world would be better off without us.

And politics? The democrats put forth an incompetent and a criminal as their presidential candidate and have no doubt of her victory. The republicans are more concerned about the desires of the democrats and the press than of those who put them in office. The law applies to some but not to others. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

When skin color is all that matters, when what makes us human is denied, when there is no higher authority than oneself there will never be justice. There will never be peace. To deny the humanity of others is to deny your own humanity and all that it entails.

Peace on Earth Goodwill to Men.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Milwaukee Republican Presidential Candidate’s Debate; Issues, Issues, Issues

It is impossible for me to comprehend the horrors that occurred in Paris. I lack the standing to write on the attack directly but will address the problem of Islamo-Fascist Terrorism in future posts.

As a common man here in Milwaukee I had neither the ability to attend the latest republican debate nor to see it on television. I listened, as I have the previous debates, to the debate over local radio.

More important in this debate than how each candidate was perceived as a winner or loser, all that matters to the media, were the issues. Several issues stood out, and the hunger for viable solutions to the ills of this nation in the mind of the common man began to be satiated.

Let me get the overall impressions out of the way first.

Carly Fiorina was expert, precise and always on topic. She implies radical conservative reform in her views on government. Ted Cruz was powerful and clear. His concrete actions to reduce government and government intrusion excited conservatives; and no one would mind getting rid of the Department of Commerce two times over. They were the winners.

Donald Trump, though looking unaware that the Asian trade agreement did not include China, still made powerful points. If Donald Trump, or Ben Carson with his extreme mild mannerisms, suffered any setbacks they were all overcome by their closing statements.

Rand Paul was impressive. He held himself up as top tier, though his foreign policy views still give pause.

John Kasich sounded panicked and Jeb Bush sounded, for the first time, like he believes in something.

Marco Rubio…? Let’s get into the issues.

‘Far more establishment than even he knows.’ It is what I always say about Marco Rubio. Many are fawning over him after this last debate. Marco Rubio’s comments on Putin did not serve him well. Yes, domestically, economically, Putin and the oligarchs are much like a collection of crime families. But Rubio delivered his remark, that Putin is a gangster, as if it were the punch line to a joke.

On the International scene Putin embodies a strong sense of national identity, and pride. Russia under Putin is aggressive and possibly even ruthless, advancing until they meet resistance, however Russia is a legitimate International policy player. Certainly a new administration should not rush to in anyway please Putin, but one will have to work with Putin.

We are a nation of laws and borders. Without adherence to the law and definition of our borders we are not a nation. Excuse my paraphrase of Donald Trumps stance. It was concise and a homerun from where I was sitting. Ted Cruz agreed profoundly and expounded. It was a joy to my heart to hear candidates that truly understand what makes a nation.

Law and order is a profound issue in this nation, from our borders to our inner cities, from a dysfunctional government bureaucracy to a certain candidate in the democrat party.

On taxes Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson Ted Cruz and I believe Rand Paul all present tax plans that bring drastic long overdue foundational reforms to this nations tax policies. It puts them ahead of the others in the minds of the common man. The fare tax candidate did not make the cut.

I believe Donald Trump has absolute faith that when taxes and the cost of doing business are lowered this economy will boom. He is right, but he will still be working with the existing format of tax codes.

A three page tax code; that’s real reform.

Kasich, Marco Rubio and Bush I do not believe can get away from our existing tax code with all its loopholes and intricacies. Though they may say that they will reform the tax code, and I believe they will make improvements in the tax code that will be beneficial to our economy, they are all too establishment to accomplish any true reform. Without true reform tax codes over time will simply regress back to stifling our economy. Candidates have talked the talk on reforming taxes forever. Who has ever done it? Even Ronald Reagan couldn’t simplify the tax code.

Dodd Frank: the sound of its repeal another joy to the mind of the common man. Many a small business, not just small financial institutions will benefit greatly from the repeal of this act of oppression.

Too big to fail? Non of the candidates took a full swing at this issue. I was disappointed all the while saying to myself; “What about the FDIC?” Are we not all insured up to $250,000 dollars if a bank should fail? What ‘little guy’ will be hurt by allowing a bank to fail? Okay, it may take a long time to get that money back, but they will. Okay, a lot of people and businesses far from the top 10% may have holdings far more than $250,000, but too bad for them if they didn’t diversify.

The common man wants the too big to fail. We long for the too big to fail. The common man sees the too big being just as corrupt and incompetent, just as arrogant and overbearing, as the political class.

Marco Rubio…?

There is an issue that will show clearly, if his workings with the gang of eight and his views on immigration have not, that Marco Rubio truly is establishment through and through. That issue is: What will he do after Obamacare is repealed?

As the common man delights in seeing important issues brought forth, issues which have been far from front and center in any debate until now, one unaddressed issue still burns in our minds. What will happen when Obamacare is revealed? Will it be replaced by something just as destructive and oppressive? Is our country on an irreversible slide into absolute servitude where freedom is a forgotten dream?

The common man wants government completely out of healthcare. Simple reforms already proposed by republicans long ago, such as the ability for companies to sell policies across state lines, are needed and will be fruitful for the citizens. But now that government has implanted itself into our healthcare via Obamacare, who can resist this grip on power? They rationalize away the inherent evil in absolute control under the guise that they can do better.

This problem with healthcare will never be resolved as long as we live under the expectation of insurance as prepaid medical. Prepaid medical has only one end; single payer. Only Ben Carson’s plan creates a dynamic where people need not rely on insurance providers. Under his system a well organized family of moderate means could become their own insurance company. Only this plan holds the ability to bring a large enough percentage of the population out from under the control of insurance providers to make a difference in costs. This will open the free market where fewer people are governed by insurance companies and more shop for the best service for the price.

The Ben Carson’s plan abandons the free market by demanding that the government set prices.

Several crucial issues are front and center among our republican candidates. Yet the candidates reluctance to address “Too big to fail!” and a lack of clear scrutiny of “What happens after Obamacare?” leave the common man in an uneasy state.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Our Precious Veterans

I have written previous that we the people of this once great nation are already suffering under tyranny; that our freedoms have been lost. With unintelligible laws, a single bill taking a lifetime to read, a ruling political class that can manipulate the law anyway they see fit, yet never holding themselves subject to those same laws, and a judiciary that has all but abandoned the people, our freedoms are being held above our heads as a privilege bestowed by an enlightened political class; a class who suppose us too ignorant to comprehend their self-proclaimed greatness.

We are no longer a free people. The rampant attempts at political suppression here in Wisconsin, not completely unsuccessful, have been shown to be, through found correspondence with the IRS, the designs of those who seek to rule this entire nation with an iron fist. Citizens of this nation are being sent to prison and criminalized on an ever greater scale simply for their political beliefs.

The prosecutions of Kelly Rindfliesch here in Wisconsin and Dinesh D’Souza are clear examples highlighting the reality that no one but the extremely wealthy have the power to put up a fight against state and federal prosecution. The sap imprisoned for a video, about which Hillary Clinton lied to cover up her failings on Benghazi as Secretary of state, show that for the convenience of those in power anyone might find themselves targeted and condemned by our government.

When I or others suggest that we currently live under a tyrannical government, there is a typical comeback from those who believe in Obama; a man whose policies are directly responsible for ten of thousands of deaths around the world, if not millions, and who has fast tracked Iran’s nuclear weapons program; a nation sworn not only to the total destruction of Israel but of the United states as well. It goes something like this.

“Well, we don’t have labor and concentration camps, death camps, and gulags. That’s tyranny! Our government is not evil. Those working against our government are evil. The government is working hard to take care of us. You just want to take our stuff away.” (stuff handed out by the government)

Such an argument is based on the belief that all opposing views are evil and that the government, simply by its nature, is good. But is it true we do not have concentration camps?

What would you call our inner cities? Where democrat politicians sit back and let blacks slaughter their fellow blacks in mass? Where the criminals are continually let out, under the guise of racial equity, to kill again. Where the police lack the resources to even respond to all the crime being committed. …Where babies are harvested to support government funded experiments in our state education institutions.

And what of the care that our veterans are receiving? If they do receive care through the Veteran’s Administration it is often found to be incompetent. The number of Veteran deaths due to lack of proper medical care cannot be explained away as anything other than intentional neglect.

What is a greater threat to a blossoming tyranny among we, a free people, than our veterans? The government is actively working to deny our veterans the right to bear arms; those who bravely and selflessly protected our nation by become expert and professional in those arms. Now, under the Obama administration, our military ranks are being actively filled with homosexuals and the transgender. Political correctness equals advancement and pursuing false concepts of equality are more important than the defense of our nation.

If our political efforts to save this nation fail and, by the grace of God, good and upright leaders organize our state governments against the federal government to take a stand for freedom and preserve the peace, our veterans will be an important asset in the defense of our freedoms. They are experienced soldiers. Many know and have connections to our existing military structure. They are proven patriots and understand more clearly than anyone why war must be avoided if at all possible.

If the such extreme action is required to reclaim our nation, if anyone can keep this country from the bloodshed of civil war it will be our veterans standing brave in war and peace as always.

God Bless the United States. God Bless our soldiers and veterans who have fought and stood guard for freedom. Our freedom is the world’s freedom.

Veterans are our most precious of citizens.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Republican Presidential Debate; Taxes, Taxes and Taxes… and the Media

President Ronald Reagan suffered greatly in his first term. There was one reason. He phased in his tax cuts over time. The economy never heated up, it remained stagnant until… the tax cuts hit their lowest point. Businesses waited to re-invest and start up their companies until the taxes reached their lowest possible level. The Republican Presidential candidates should keep this in mind.

With all the talk of the economic suppression of the people through an over expansive and demanding tax system I, a simple common man, kept thinking; ‘If you want to give us some economic relief talk about repealing ObamaCare.’ This will bring instant relief and a drop in healthcare costs. The repeal will bring a boom to our economy.

But taxes are otherwise an out of control problem. I classify the republican presidential candidates into two categories in terms of their policies on taxes. Those who hold the political viewpoint and those who hold the viewpoint of the people.

Those of the political viewpoint are; Kasich, Huckabee, Christi, Bush and Rubio. I was listening on the radio and didn’t realize that Christie was in the debate until about two thirds in, and my wife was trying to speak to me during the debate. So the lack of visual aids and distractions may leave my analysis lacking. I certainly would have been aware of Chris Christi’s presence if I could have seen the candidates.

Kasich had a very strong performance from my perspective. “I did it and I will do it.” speaking of conservative reforms. He stayed away from the PC, but expressed the compassion he feels is so important to a successful campaign with expressions of faith in families and a nation built from the bottom up. It was a very masterful response to previous mistakes. I suspect he may have a small bump in the polls, small being the optimal word.

Huckabee presented clear moral values. It was again a masterful focus of his perceived strong points, being a former minister. “If we can’t keep our promises to our elderly then…” Well, do people even understand why we should be more respectful to the elderly, more than to a younger person anymore. I am uncertain if many in this country have the ability to recognize the moral weaknesses of this nation of which Mr. Huckabee was speaking. I personally, from his past presidential run, do not believe Huckabee lives up to his words. He is a politician through and through.

Christi? He did a good job. They all did well except for one. I appreciated the positive views he, and others, expressed of their fellow candidates. He believes in global warming. Enough said.

Rubio was Rubio. He made a good impression but didn’t advance his cause. The negative spat he got in with Bush didn’t help him. His view on taxes was establishment.

Bush? He came across jaded. He is establishment. His campaign keeps suggesting that this country needs to be saved but at the same time that America is as great as it has ever been and will be greater in the future. …Future?

Fantasy football is gambling. So long Jeb.

All these political viewpoint tax plan candidates did well compared to past performances. I fear they may grow in prestige in the polls. They conformed to the people’s expectations in word, but a political class seldom feels the need to follow through in deed. If you believe any of these five  political viewpoint men will bring the change and reform we need in our government, I have another name for you; John Boehner.

Now let us get to the real people running for president. Those who hold the viewpoint of the people on taxes.

Donald Trump was clear and direct. He knows who he is. He clarified completely his plans for a border/wall in less than ten seconds. His tax plan comes across much more complicated than the others in this group but he understands that lowering taxes will spur the economy. That is the conservative position.

The plans of Donald Trump and the others in this group were criticized by the establishment types. The political types, who haven’t been able to produce a balanced budget in years if truly ever, claimed the implied economic growth (generating more tax income) would not cover the cost of their opponents proposed tax cuts. Well, If we have to have a few more budgets running a deficit until we get it right, in the words of Hillary Clinton; “What difference does it make now?”

Donald Trump hit one out of the park with his call to end Super PACs. Issues over Super PACs have been front and center in the political drama since they were formed. They give off a bad smell. People are tired of the controversies over free speech. Marco Rubio scored big off of Donald Trump with his association of Super PACs with the media.

Ben Carson had one of the simplest tax plans. Every other member of the people’s viewpoint on taxes upheld the validity of his perspective, though their plans differed. This was Ben Carson’s big victory in the debate and a victory for we the people. Ben Carson is not being judged on his debate performances and the reality is none of the candidates are in most people’s minds. We watch simply for clarification on each candidates views and for what we can glean of the quality of their characters. When Scott Walker dropped out I was adrift, not sure of exactly who to throw my support behind. This debate changed that.

Carly Fiorina gave a very strong performance. She was exact and detailed in the problems of this nation in regards to taxes and regulation, and how to fix the problems. Zero based budgeting, a three page tax plan and getting the government out of people’s lives, with example after example, were all powerful hits. She hit a home run with her comment that as a CEO of a publically traded company she would be held criminally responsible if she made mistakes, unlike when those in government break the law. She drove the point, a point that rings true with the people, that she will get the reforms that have been promised for forty years, but never followed through on, DONE. Donald Trump spoke of limited government. Carly Fiorina told us how to limit government.

Yes, We all want to see a cat fight between Carly and Hillary.

The private sector candidates have a distinct advantage in this election cycle for good reason. No one believes in politicians. No one believes politicians have the interests of the people in mind. But two politicians rang true last night; those in the people’s viewpoint on taxes camp; Rand Paul and Ted Cruz.

Rand Paul’s devotion to his principles and love of country are without question. His consistency on the issues breeds a great deal of trust. He is believable. He was catapulted to success in the debate by Ted Cruz stepping in with support of his tax plan. His libertarian views give most a slight pause which may be enough to keep him from the presidency. That, and that he is making a strong impression on government in his current seat.

Ted Cruz blasted front and center once he got going. He is believable. He has consistently stood against government and for the people and we all know it. His tax plan turns away from the same old same old labyrinth of tax codes waiting to be manipulated by special interests. He calls liars liars and takes no prisoners. He resembles the private sector candidates more than any other politician. He led the charge against the media.

Here is my common man’s conclusion on this last debate. Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson are the viable candidates at this point. I have not seen any polls.

I would be happy with any of the private sector candidates winning the nomination.

Rand Paul and Carly Fiorina have been overshadowed by their particular counterparts. Carly Fiorina has the potential to breakout. I don’t believe Rand Paul does.

As I have written before, Marco Rubio is more establishment than even he realizes. Can you say, John Boehner. Still, I will be hoping for the best if he becomes our president. I absolutely expect that he will be the vice presidential candidate.

Among my list of viable candidates Ted Cruz benefited the greatest in this latest debate. He became my number one choice next to Ben Carson.

Ben Carson? Many find it hard to comprehend how Ben Carson is where he is in the polls. People want to believe that any man can become president, without climbing the ranks of a political machine. It is how most older citizens such as myself were raised. But what few understand is that the people of this once great nation want to believe that the hand of God still guides us.

Ben Carson is a man of sincere faith. When one’s faith is recognized as sincere and good it does not matter what Christian sect they belong to. Though some refuse to admit his abilities and great intelligence qualify him for president, Ben Carson brings the moral standards and abilities people believe God desires in a leader.

More to the point, there is a spirit moving across this nation. The people believe in Providence. They trust in God’s blessings. The people are turning to God for relief from the tyrant. This should be a comfort to our hearts.

As I have listened to the republican candidate debates I have often asked myself; Are they reading my blog? If you go through my posts over the last eight years you will find most of the policy ideas presented by our candidates. You can find the general views on government and the people they espouse written here. I highly doubt the candidates are reading or even know of my blog. I have heard my views and analysis reflected in commentary and in the voices of callers to various talk shows. I have had blog posts grow in my brain for weeks that I never found the opportunity to write down. Then, I read or hear read on the radio some article that reflects my developing views completely.

The point being there is a spirit moving this nation, driving the people of this nation to the good. Hopefully it is moving the hearts of all our politicians. I believe The Spirit can work through any of the six candidates I, as a common man, consider viable.

It is in this light that you must ask yourself; Why is Ben Carson so popular? It has nothing to do with race.

Finally, as I have observed the republican debates and the first democrat debate, as I have watched the media and others act and respond, as I have watched some very qualified and desirable candidates sink to oblivion, the tactic of the media is becoming clear to me.

Imagine this. After the republicans select their candidate for president and vice president they are completely ignored by the media? Day in and day out the news glows over Hillary and we just never hear a word or even see an image of the other candidates. Forget an onslaught of negative stories. There will just be no stories. The republicans will not be worth covering. They will be defined only in the words of Hillary Clinton. If there is any coverage it will be of some special interest group calling the republicans racist hate mongers; the people’s enemy. This is how we older people were taught the media in the Soviet Union operated.

I believe this is a tactic already in play. I believe this tactic influenced campaigns such as those of Scott Walker and Bobby Jindal. Rick Santorum is still in the race. …Isn’t he?

To make this media tactic work conservative radio would have to be silenced. (note I do not suggest FOX News need be silenced) President Obama acts without restraint. Many have predicted he will grow more and more lawless and radical as the end of his reign approaches. If he cannot get rid of the commentators on talk radio themselves he will go after the radio stations and corporations that own them? Are not both the establishment republicans and democrats alike, along their media cohorts, continuously targeting Rush Limbaugh?

And remember Net Neutrality?

The democrats are deadly serious about anointing Hillary. If these media tactics are not enough they have more drastic measures planned. The United States is under assault from within. It is why the people are looking outside, and ultimately to God for rescue.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The First Democrat Debate

Yes, I really did listen to the first democrat party presidential debate. We don’t have cable, so I listened on the radio.

I wondered what year we were in; 2004? 2008? The Iraq War? Did someone say Bush? Is the democrat party so lacking in substance that they have to draw topics from three election cycles ago?

Then came the homage to the radical democrat base. Socialism, every sexually deviation imaginable (as the norm), gun control, and nods to global warming and supposed renewable energy we ‘the people’ are to empty our pockets to pay for.

Then the question; “Who is your greatest enemy?” Or in other words; “Who should we hate?” the moderator wanted to know. The answer is the likes of the NRA and republicans, to name two.

That is the democrat platform. …That is the democrat platform.

You can say Hillary stood out and made an impression, but did she differ in any way from anything any other democrat candidate stood for?

The communist state, with all its destitution and horrors, is a state of the party over the people. The party decides what is good for the people, not the people. The party decides who will lead, not the people. Anyone who stands in opposition to the party is an enemy of the state. Hence, Bernie Sanders refusal to condemn Hillary Clinton for any of her illegal actions and incompetent leadership.

In the communist state, as in the democrat party, humanity is nothing more than a material resource; like baby parts.

With all her failures and what everyone knows to be her illegal activity, the party still puts forth Hillary as their candidate. She is down in the polls and has a recognizable ‘unlikable factor’, yet she still stands as the presumptive anointed one; her victory a mere technicality.

But… do you really think I just sat there for two hours listening to the radio? No! I had the TV on, with the volume off. I was watching The Women’s World Open for the two hours of the debate. That would be a woman only poker tournament. And these women could turn vicious, one upon another, in a wink. One competitor kept going all-in on another whenever they found themselves heads up. If looks could kill…

What will a Hillary presidency mean? It will mean that our nation is lost. She cannot win in an honest election. A Hillary victory will mark the death of our election process.

Hillary cannot win in an honest election, so why is the democrat party so intent that she be their candidate? Why are they so confident in her victory?

With absolute power comes more than absolute corruption. In Hillary’s grip it will bring a tyranny upon this country previously unimaginable to the minds of free born Americans. A viciousness will descend upon this nation. Hillary is due and beware to all those attempting to expose her incompetence and criminal activity.

What democrat prosecutors did to conservative leaders and causes here in Wisconsin will become common place across this nation. The ties between those democrat prosecutors here in Wisconsin and the IRS, in illegal acts of oppression and civil rights abuses, are becoming clearer with every passing news story.

These government backed attacks on the rights of conservatives and conservative organizations here in Wisconsin were accompanied by vile, hateful assaults on the character of good honest people, along with death threats and other acts of intimidation. Unions and other left wing organizations and radical individuals were and will be free to act without consequence.

If Hillary steals the 2016 election, these threats will certainly turn to action against any who would stand against a fraudulent president. Death threats from the left will turn into open attacks. Union thugs will be free to take a supposed righteous and violent stands against any and all counter protestors. Hillary will have their back.

To save this nation in the face of a Hillary victory the states will have to respond immediately. Governors need to prepare now.

That is it. These are my conclusions, the conclusions of a common man, after listening to the democrat presidential debate as I watched women play poker.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Liberty in North Korea, LINK, is an organization I have mentioned before. They are extremely proficient and committed. Two weeks ago at UW Madison a group of escapees from North Korea held a gathering and presented their cause. I could not make it to the event but heard from several people who did. You can see much of their presentation in piecemeal here; on their website.

There is a regular underground railroad from the northern border of North Korea and through China. The destination for these dissidents, defectors, freedom lovers or whatever moniker you wish to assign them, is predominantly Thailand and Mongolia. China is not their friend. If arrested they face return to North Korea which translates into death or imprisonment. If their escape out of the country is discovered their families are often executed.

Members of LiNK risk much to testify to the horrors of their lives in North Korea. They swoop into a community, dependent on the goodness of others, arrange presentations where they can and fly on to their next destination. They do their best to raise money to help others make their way through China.

North Korea just celebrated their 70th Anniversary. The communist revolution in Russia occurred in 1917. In 1988, 71 years later, Russian communism, the Soviet Union, came to an end.

According to my beliefs, my faith based on the teachings of Reverend Moon, communism is the pinnacle of Satan’s dominion, where he has come to deny even his very existence to preserve his hold on humankind. Communism is allowed to grow for 66 years, but then at 70 years collapses. It is a principle that played out in Russia and is now coming to pass in China and North Korea.

China has had a change in power. Still they hold tight to their communist beliefs and this may result in great disaster for China and its’ people. It is wrong to ignore China’s human rights violations. It is necessary and such abuses can never be left out of any negotiations.

Reverend Moon invested in China, Panda Motors, to support a natural and peaceful transition from communism. Most nations around the world invest much to create a foothold in China’s markets under a similar motive; that they are helping vast numbers of Chinese who would otherwise be trapped in economic despair. Still, the human rights violations cannot be ignored and such moral pressure is required to push China to abandon their communist tyranny.

Chinese communism will fail. The internal pressures of human rights abuses, economic inequality, environmental disaster and market manipulations propping up a bubble economy are all posed to bring communist China down. China should be encouraged to abandon communism. They can take the easy path and give their people true freedom and prosperity or the hard path of obstinacy which will result in great turmoil.

Reverend Moon had made several outreaches to both Russia and North Korea in the past. He met Gorbachev in Moscow and Kim Il Sung in North Korea. He was instrumental in the development of the shared economic zone in the North when North Korea’s economy was strictly centered upon China.

Now, after their 70th Anniversary North Korea is asking for a peace treaty with the United States. Yes, we are technically still at war with North Korea. It is important to build in reaches with North Korea for a peaceful transformation and re-unification. I am fairly certain that if the North Korean government collapsed China would attempt to move in.

I believe all of us can support the opening of North Korea by support these young North Koreans of LiNK exposing the human rights atrocities of that declining dictatorship. The failures and evils of communism must be exposed and recognized for those in power to truly turn their backs on communism and to look to a better system of rule for their country. It is the turning of a blind eye to such evils that allows the illusion, the delusion, of communism to fester in the minds of those in power (or not) both here in the supposed free world and where those still live under communism or the threat thereof.

And what of our President Obama’s response to North Korea’s outreach for peace? What response??? President Obama hangs his hat on a treaty with Iran, that he claims will keep Iran from attaining nuclear weapons, while Obama, and anyone using their brain, know that just the opposite will come to pass. Yet Obama shows no interest in peace with North Korea. Even if the offer of peace is a ruse, the opportunity should never be ignored.

Peace with North Korea and substantial steps towards the re-unification of the peninsula would truly be something to hang one’s hat on. Why is this of no interest to Obama? Why does he continually allow radical Islam to expand? The Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, Iran and any who oppose Israel have all received compassion and empathy from our President, if not outright support. The human rights abuses committed under radical Islam, including abuses committed in the sovereign nation of Iran, are as great as any in history, yet President Obama is silent. President Obama says not a single word as Christians are slaughtered for their faith under Islam.

One can never turn a blind eye to the suffering of our fellow man, no matter who their oppressor may be, if one believes in God and all that is good.

I know what you’re all thinking; “But what did you think of the first democrat  presidential debate?” I did listen to it all on the radio. You’ll have to wait a few more days.

Monday, September 28, 2015

The CNN Republican Debate

I, as a common man in most people’s eyes, will now share my impressions of the latest republican Presidential debate. I would suggest that these views reflect the general public’s reaction far more than anything you will hear or read in most media circles.

My first impression was, there is a strong conservative core of accomplished individuals in the republican party (main stage or not), so why does the party continue to marginalize the conservative cause? Yes, several of the eleven honored the conservative cause in word only, but that in itself makes it clear where the hearts and the minds of the party, of the people of this nation in general, rest. Yet I am under no allusion that the republican party’s supposed movers and shakers, firmly rooted in the establishment where government is served rather than the people, are and will work to undermine the conservative cause.

My second impression was as strong as the first. To bring an end to the national sin of abortion in the United States will require a woman President; and it will be that much easier if it is the first woman President. Yes, Carly Fiorina struck hard and decisive and has been duly respected for it. She has not waivered in her convictions or the facts in any manner, even now as the mainstream media falsely attacks her credibility. Equally, she showed herself exceptionally knowledgeable. As far as her looks, no one can claim that that is how she got where she is, though she is far from unattractive. (I had to go there for a comprehensive evaluation. The reality is; looks matter.) As President her authority would be untainted.

My third impression was that Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee did well; they impressed superficially. If you fell for their conservative line, I have a bridge here in Milwaukee I would like to sell you. And if I sell it before you get here, don’t worry, I’ll sell it again to you.

My forth impression was one of shock; shock that anyone would consider honoring the Iran deal on any grounds. That exchange didn’t pay off for Scott Walker, though he held the correct view, and the people’s stand on the deal, that it should be ripped up. The exchange actually paid off for Ted Cruz and exposed the false conservatives among the bunch.

My not completely unexpected conclusion from the CNN Debate was that Donald Trump is far from a doomsday candidate.

Yes, Donald Trump did use democrat talking points to attack Scott Walker; talking points that are false. The supposed massive deficit in Wisconsin that Donald Trump made reference to was based on projections taking two slumping economic quarters in Wisconsin as the basis to project revenues for the two year cycle Wisconsin budgets consist of; Wisconsin collects a sales, income and gas tax. They were not typical quarters and skewed true projections. Scott Walker cut taxes, created the largest rainy day fund in Wisconsin’s history (Wisconsin’s constitution requires a balanced budget, a fact ignored by Scott Walker’s democrat predecessor), and artfully dealt with all shortfalls.

Why Scott Walker and the republican party never made light of this baseless attack until it was too late still baffles me. A secondary impression I received from the debate was that Scott Walker was intentionally sidelined in not only in this debate but in news coverage since the previous debate.

But back to Donald Trump, everyone’s favorite topic. Donald Trump clearly had command of the issues surrounding the Fourteenth Amendment. This was his first solidly Presidential stance and it impressed. He still lacks concrete specifics on immigration though in fairness the actions required to secure the border are self-evident and no mystery to anyone.

My fifth impression, equal to the last two, was that Donald Trump’s success represents the people’s disgust with the media; a disgust that may be even greater than their disgust for establishment politicians. Unlike John Kasich who takes PC to the point that makes one want to vomit, Donald Trump speaks forcefully without any regard to the media, mainstream or otherwise.

While many worry that Donald Trump is a liberal, most understand that no matter what one’s politics, as a nation of law that adheres to the Constitution, this nation cannot be corrupted. The people understand that there would be no criminals in office and infesting our government institutions, that there would be no violations of the Constitution and our courts, if the media was intellectual honest and moral.

Why is Donald Trump so popular amongst the people? Why will I, without hesitation. vote for Donald Trump if he wins the nomination? Because Donald Trump can, and I believe will do what politicians promise but then never follow through on. Examples of such actions would be; significantly reducing the number of government programs that overlap in the services they supply and firing government workers for poor, inappropriate and even illegal activity at work; workers protected by their union if not their supervisors.

Politicians fail to follow through on such actions in fear of being attacked by the democrats, and in turn by the might of the media, for even making the suggestion. Donald Trump will not care. He will shout down the media for being stupid and even immoral and say, “You’re fired!” In whatever Donald Trump wants to do there will be no stopping him and I believe first and foremost he wants to make the United States great again, better than it has ever been. He will do what it takes to make that happen. He comes from a world that rewards results not intentions or adherence to an ideology.

Donald Trump will appeal Obamacare, freeing the citizens from a tyrannical dictate. (I refuse to pay my Obamacare tax) This in itself will stimulate the economy.

One thing that I hope Donald Trump would be willing to take up is the prosecution of any and all in government for breaking the law. This includes those from the highest seats of government. This is required to re-establish the rule of law. Donald Trump was the first and possibly the only candidate to state that it looks like Hillary Clinton broke the law and has disregarded her as his opposition. No candidate has made any statement in regards to prosecuting the rampant illegality playing out before the people of this nation, whether in regards to e-mails, the IRS, or even the Justice and State Departments.

I have written previously that if a conservative does not win the Presidency in the next Presidential election this nation will have been lost, only possible to re-establish as a nation of the free through extreme action by the States. I have to alter that view. If Donald Trump becomes our next President, at worst this nation will be in a holding pattern. At best our economy will boom and with a conservative legislature take a few steps in the right direction.

Still, conservative executive leadership and reforms will be required in the future to save this nation and, in turn, protect and foster a better world for all.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Round One Goes To The Establishment

I was attempting to organize my thoughts on the CNN debate in writing, but couldn’t. Then I heard that Scott Walker was dropping out of the Presidential race. I was disappointed and grew frustrated over the news. Many have written about Scott Walker’s campaign troubles. Let me give you my common man reaction.

Scott Walker took the high road, as he has often done in his life. But why did he have too? Why, in order to get down to a smaller field to powerfully convey a hopeful conservative message was one of the most hopeful and proven conservatives, and now Rick Perry, forced out of the race?

In my review of the CNN debate I was about to suggest the very same tactic; that the field be reduced significantly. Since the public is truly leaning to the conservative message and conservative and/or private sector candidates, and rejecting any reeking of establishment, would it not be natural for the party to edge out other candidates low in the polls, “not a chance in the world candidates”, such as Jim Gilmore, Lindsey Graham, Mike Huckabee, Chris Christie, the conservative but all too PC John Kasich and George Pataki rather than Scott Walker? Who will be forced out next before any establishment candidates begin to drop out, Bobby Jindal?

Scott Walker protects his standing for future Presidential runs by not facing possible embarrassment when the caucuses and primaries begin. How far will the “not a chance in the world candidates” go and why? It wont be to enhance their future Presidential potential.

Why are so many “not a chance in the world candidates” crowding the field? This is the question. A question even greater than; What is Donald Trump up to? The future of the party, the desires of the people, are being subverted by the old school establishment.

Where is the Presidential campaign money coming from, or better yet where is it going and not going and why? Money was the reason Scott Walker was forced out so early; the bottom line. Forget all the he says she says of typical campaign drama, the message came from the donors.

When George W. Bush ran for office, as I understood it, most of his campaign donations were $20 and less. I received fundraising letters from Scott Walker but our finances are so tight I was putting off making a donation. Every news report I have observed on campaign fund raising in this current Presidential race I heard or read nothing so far about any grassroots support as far as I recall.

What has become of our country when the common man has become so economically oppressed (healthcare, education ever exploding utility bills, lower wages and rising taxes) that only wealthy individuals can make a difference? Such individuals want to support winners, and winners and losers are designated via polls.

When the campaigns begin earlier and earlier, the media decides how much coverage any particular candidate receives as advertising is not economically feasible The media carries out many of the polls. Does the common man have any true say in the process. Though Scott Walker disappeared in the polls, where was he among the citizens top two or three choices for President?

Scott Walker will succeed. He will stay in the office of governor. He will not take a cabinet position because it will hurt his future prospects for the Presidency. Scott Walker will not leave public service to seek out a higher income. That is how I read Scott Walker.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Doctor Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson would be my choice for President after Scott Walker.

Perhaps I am wrong. Maybe he should be my first choice. Dr. Ben Carson is a man of strong faith and belief in family. He is a man of outstanding accomplishment and ability. Our founding fathers were such men and they wrote a constitution in a way that men of similar character and stature could lead this nation. If we believe God had a hand in establishing this nation and has a purpose for this nation should it not be men such as Dr. Ben Carson we should seek to be our President?

Dr. Ben Carson Believes in a flat tax, per God’s command for a tithe; the same for the rich as for the poor.

What deeply impressed me however is Dr. Ben Carson’s plan for healthcare. He believes in Health Saving Accounts; the funds completely transferrable between family members, or as he put it, making every family their own insurance company. This belief in the family, the belief in the goodness of man and in the open market is unequaled in the world of politics.

Dr. Ben Carson’s Health Savings Account plan is a market driven plan; a plan where people pay their own bills and have a financial interest in finding the best value. Dr. Ben Carson speaks from a position of unchallengeable authority when he says this will make healthcare more affordable for all. He has a lifetime of experience in how it all works.

Healthcare costs are already an unbearable burden to our economy. The Carson Healthcare Plan frees the people of this nation from unwanted government intrusion. It frees the people of this nation from an insurance industry that has become nothing more than prepaid medical. Pre-paid medical can only lead to a single payer system.

Like Scott Walker, Dr. Ben Carson is not unsusceptible to the influences of his profession. One should be concerned over the research he participated in that included work with fetal tissue.

The obvious interest and research Dr. Ben Carson has shown in the field of national defense tells me he is absolutely committed to his quest for the Presidency. He has mastered ever field of endeavor he has pursued in his life. I believe him deadly serious.

The politics of race play against Dr. Ben Carson. If the black population centers of this nation supported Dr. Ben Carson his numbers would surpass Donald Trump’s. Unfortunately successful black men are not considered black; Clarence Thomas being just one of many examples of outstanding Americans, free of heart and mind, denied the advantages of their heritage because of the values they hold.

I believe the full weight of the devastation the Obama administration has wrought upon this country has yet to be felt. The reality of the politics of race is… that without Dr. Ben Carson as President, bringing prosperity back to this nation and freeing us from the slavery of Obamacare, this nation will never elect another black President for at least fifty years.

Scott Walker and the Conservative Governors

Scott Walker, Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal are the conservative candidates for the Republican Presidential nomination from the field of governors. I do not consider establishment candidates conservative.

With a failed campaign to his name Rick Perry has no chance. His time has passed.

Bobby Jindal has been out of the news cycle for some time. This has most likely been by intent as he is a strong conservative; the media keeping him from the publics eye. Of course I write simply from my limited understanding as a common man. (but how much are my opinions and those of so many other of my fellow citizens more relevant than those of the so called political advisor class)

Scott Walker is my current candidate of choice. He is behind in the polls but if all the Donald Trump supporters would read Scott Walker’s book “Unintimidated: A Governor’s Story and a Nation’s Challenge” I believe Scott Walker would be leading.

Listening to Scott Walker you would hardly recognize him as a man that took it toe to toe with the left; facing not only the baseless personal attacks so common from their kind, but threats of violence and even death towards him and his family.

Scott Walker and the conservative base in Wisconsin faced years of groundless investigations, investigations declared groundless by more than one court. He was found blameless under unprecedented scrutiny.

Even now the prosecutors refuse to obey the courts and destroy the mountains of illegal procured documents they have gathered throughout the years of that secret (but not secret when leaks were intended to damage Scott Walker) John Doe investigation.

Scott Walker survived it all. Scott Walker does not back down. He does not give up. More importantly he never expresses angry, hold a grudge or disrespect any other, no matter how opposed to him or how contrary their views may be.

These qualities of Scott Walker speak to his goodness, his moral fortitude and faith in God and in his fellow man. It also explains why the media cannot help but attack him. They fear such people and are compelled to lash out against them. It may be out of the weakness of their beliefs and history of failure that bring the left to fear and attack Scott Walker, their shortcomings so easily exposed before a truly competent executive;  an executive who wont play the game falsely known as compromise. Or it may be something more spiritual and dark. It may be that the forces of evil go apoplectic before the pure of heart that expose the falsehoods evil puts forth as truth; an evil that drives professional demonstrators to attack with such irrational venom and the media to attempt to destroy with baseless suppositions.

Scott Walker is a good man, a conservative politician and a master administrator. He is a ‘bureaucracy whisperer’. He brings practical reform, efficiency and savings to government. His opposition consists of the screeches of parasites, ticks and fleas and worms, that have infested government; the unions, particular public sector unions, along with various other community organizer and political action groups that live off the public teat.

In the past FOX Debate Scott Walker was asked about “Black Lives Matter” and the shooting of minorities by police. He took the safe path. In fact he was far too cautious in the debate and lost ground for it. People don’t want just fire and conviction, they want to see fire and conviction. They want the idiocy that is passing for intelligence and the lies passed off as the truth slapped down.

What was happening here in Wisconsin when Scott Walker was asked about police shootings of minorities? The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors were proposing $500,000 for a memorial to Dante Hamilton; a man shot dead as he was violently assaulting a police officer with the officer’s own baton. Scott Walker should have taken on this topic, stood up for police and law and order. Some may say he did. But what he really needed to do was smack down the victim mentality that would allow anyone to think that this mentally disturbed man deserved a memorial for his actions. Actions that lead to his death and destroyed the career of a competent police officer for the sake of political expediency.

Scott Walker should have denounced this memorial and challenged Black Lives Matter” to admit that all lives matter. Another law enforcement officer was assassinated this past weekend. Such things, and the way they are happening, never happened before. They certainly never happened with such frequency.

The memorial is being designed to stand in Red Arrow Park; a park dedicated to one of the most outstanding divisions that this nation has ever put together; The 32nd Infantry. Made up from citizens of Wisconsin and Michigan, in that stalemate of The First World War they advanced at every occasion. There was a time that when your State motto was “Forward” it actual meant something to those under its flag. They were highly respected in the Second World War also.

The biggest problem Scott Walker has is that despite all he is, he is still a politician. He is mislabeled “establishment” by some but he is still a politician. Yes, he advanced a ground breaking conservative agenda; most notably “Act 10”.. However, when the Wisconsin Legislature took the conservative cause even further, Scott Walker didn’t immediately jump on the band wagon. He waited. If he said anything it was that the issue wasn’t part of his agenda. When the cause didn’t fade, when the public and their representatives didn’t wilt away on an issue such as “prevailing wage” he came out and said he would sign the bill if it came to his desk.

When the new owners of the Milwaukee Bucks and the NBA said they would move the Bucks to a different market if a new arena wasn’t built, Scott Walker didn’t hesitate to work out a deal to provided State funding. This despite the fact that no sports franchise has ever received state funding for sports facilities. A new arena in San Francisco was built completely without the use of tax dollars.

Okay, if the Bucks leave the loss in income tax revenue from the athletes would be greater than what the State is putting out. However a purely conservative perspective would be that the precedent should not be set, that a state should pay for sports facilities. Many citizens oppose any tax moneys, municipality money included, being spent on behalf of any lucrative sport enterprises.

The Arena issue would have been turned powerfully against Scott Walker if State funding had become the cause of the Milwaukee Bucks moving to a different market. I believe Scott Walker understood this. He truly is a master politician. It would have been impossible to explain to the public that, “States just don’t fund Municipal Sports Facilities. It’s not a State issue.” I believe similar traps may have been set centered on the issue of a new casino in Kenosha Wisconsin. Once Scott Walker made his decision it was too dangerous to his political career to reverse it no matter how loudly his supporters screamed.

Scott Walker loves politics. He left college to pursue his passion of public service and has proven himself a master administrator. He is very approachable. He is everything a politician should be in the ideal sense of the word, in as far as politicians are needed. Scott Walker is not an establishment candidate.

What some may consider a weakness, which I do not, is that Scott Walker has not been on the national political scene for long. I believe he will master all the issues placed before him, but it will take time. Scott Walker, if elected President, will bring drastic positive change for this nation by simply completely reversing what Obama has done; particularly Obamacare. In some areas he will succeed immediately in drastic and beneficial reforms; every state has has to deal with the EPA. But I believe it will be his second term, after he has established a comfort zone, learned all the ropes, when he will truly shine. Scott Walker has the potential, the character and values and ability, to make this country better than it has ever been.

Marco Rubio and the Senators

I am not a fan of Senators running for President. Governors are commonly accepted as the preferred standard for the highest executive office in the land. Still Senators are not uncommon as President and their names are not soon forgotten when they are.

For a Senator to be elected President is the equivalent of a sub 500 average baseball team beginning a run in September and making it all the way to the World Series and winning. Absolutely possible, but we are in awe when it happens.

Lindsay Graham hasn’t made it out of the blocks and as an establishment candidate does not stand a chance.

Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are the true conservative, even tea party candidates. I am afraid that Donald Trump is hurting Rand Paul more than anyone else though he wouldn’t be my first choice.

I could enthusiastically vote for Ted Cruz for President. He has the best chance among the Senators running for the Republican nomination. When I claim best chance I am speaking from a personal common man opinion of what I believe the general public wants, what they believe this government needs, in contrast to what the establishment and media believe we want. So why not focus your commentary on Ted Cruz? There will be time if he wins the nomination.

Rick Santorum  is a conservative within the establishment. No longer holding office he will not advance.

Marco Rubio’s run for President may be easy to predict and the most fascinating. Marco Rubio is intelligent, educated, and well qualified for the office of President by anyone’s standards. He has powerful conservative convictions for which he should be admired. But he has several problems.

First he not only looks younger than all the other candidates, he sounds younger. This will keep people from voting for him. It doesn’t matter that he is the youngest; perception is reality

Second. in line with the first, he presents a naiveté which most would claim is not representative of his true abilities or convictions. But it is. He is far more entrenched in the establishment then he even realizes. He can talk a good conservative American Story, but watch as the primaries progress. As the establishment types drop out who will they endorse? Who will they assign their tiny blocks of delegates too? This should be instructive into how, if not establishment himself, rooted in the establishment Marco Rubio truly is.

The third problem Marco Rubio has is his demographic. The public is coalescing around the trend of completely rejecting anything and everything establishment. It is the establishment bowing to so called political professionals (in that they get paid for their advice) and the media that has determined that Marco Rubio’s Latino background would be extremely valuable, necessary to win the Presidential election.

This is why I have already predicted that Marco Rubio will be the running mate for anyone who wins the nomination. It will be a nod from the Presidential candidate, who I am certain will be a conservative, to the establishment and their cult of political analysts, to say, “Hey, I understand. You can trust me.”

I do not believe any private sector candidates are running for or would except a Vice Presidential position. They don’t want to sit around doing nothing for eight years. I believe Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are too strong headed to accept the position.

Not a problem for Marco Rubio, is the all important Florida that everyone agrees, rightly or wrongly, must be won to win the Presidency. Marco Rubio is from Florida. He needs only a respectable number of delegates, most likely those won early and others bestowed, to take to the convention and claim the spot of VP on the ballot.

John Kasich of Ohio is his only competition, only because he is from Ohio and under the slightest of chances that Jeb Bush actually wins the nomination. Nothing would say establishment stronger, stand for government over all, than a Bush-Kasich ticket.

As the democrat party disintegrates before our eyes, kept alive in the hearts and minds of the low information voter only by a corrupt media, what has been labeled ‘the establishment’ is the greatest threat to this nation. Something Marco Rubio will hopefully come to understand over the next nine years.

John Kasich and the Establishment Governors

In my personal common man perspective of the republican candidates for President there is not much to say about the establishment governors.

None but Jeb Bush hold any significant support. He is conservative but is deeply rooted in the establishment just as the rest of his family is. He doesn’t understand the dangers of a political class. Most telling in this regard is his notable lack of passion as our country as founded, the greatest most generous nation this world had ever seen, is being lost..

Everyone can see through Chris Christie (not literally) and Mike Huckabee; they are politicians in the lowest sense of the word. George Pataki and Jim Gilmore have nothing to offer a public that demands change to the very roots of our current political/government power structure.

John Kasich’s rant at the first republican debate, his profession of faith in all politically correct, on having gay friends and going to gay weddings blah blah blah, ended his run. Though applauded by the media I knew then and there that the public turned him off. I certainly did. I didn’t listen to a single word he had to say after that, not simply because I disagreed with bowing to the media and special interest groups, but because I knew he had made himself a non-factor as a candidate. The media does not elect the President Mr. Kasich; we the people do and we are tired of the likes of you.

Yes John Kasich has a long distinguished career as a conservative. Long and distinguished means only one thing to the public; establishment. Establishment politicians represent government not the people. And did I mention that he is playing up to the media? Some will never learn.

I doubt that any of the establishment governors, all but Jeb Bush, will make it past Hew Hampshire. Jeb Bush may not survive past New Hampshire either if things go the way I believe the truly free and independent people of this nation desire.

The biggest wrench the establishment could throw into the conservative machine is for Jeb Bush to endorse Marco Rubio, even as Rubio may have fewer delegates than Bush.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Donald Trump

I will review the republican candidates for President in groups. I will consolidate my groups around a dominant candidate who I will cover in greater detail. Just the opinions of a common man.

One should be suspicious of Donald Trump but there is no reason not to regard him as a serious and absolutely valid candidate for President of the United States. I admired George W. Bush for his morals, still apparent in his refusal to criticize our current President. Our former President is a man a principles yet even under his administration runaway government kept running.

My admiration for Donald Trump comes mostly from what I have seen of him in the past on the television productions of his show, “The Apprentice’'. What struck me most deeply was Donald Trump’s adoration of his father. This is central in any personal system of values. The Bible directs us to honor our father and mother. I see no qualifiers in that commandment, though I am not suggesting that Donald Trump’s father was not worthy of his honor.

This is not to say that Donald Trump is a pillar of virtue all should aspire to.

My next point of admiration for Donald Trump was the transformation of his television show into “Celebrity Apprentice.” He saw his original concept had run it’s course and rather than run it into the ground he revised it and made it better. Okay, I haven’t watched in a long while, it may be good that it is not running as he runs for President, but the charity concept with its draw on pop culture is overall a benefit to the larger society.

Donald Trump has a bit of a reputation on getting things done. On community projects he has been known to get it done in the most economical way possible for the public. He speaks with authority when he pontificates on getting things done.

Donald Trump has said he will secure the border and we all know if he is President he will secure the border. That is an absolute despite his short comings as a conservative.

Donald Trump’s changing stances on issues are a concern. Is he more liberal than even moderate? I worry over a Trump Presidency if the conservative base is not expanded in Congress over upcoming elections. I believe the conservative base will grow.

I do not believe Donald Trump will ever support or even consider a total ban on abortion but he will support restrictions States have been putting on abortion and the abortion industry. Why do I believe that? Because Donald Trump can see as well as anyone that there is a groundswell of support for such restrictions.

Reality check: When a mother’s life is in danger doctors do not do abortions. They do an emergency c-section. the abortion process would further threaten the mother’s life.

Donald Trump’s debate appearance gave the impression that he has a tendency to shoot from the hip. It does not mean he’s wrong. He is voicing the people’s frustrations not just for government, but possibly even more so for the media.

FOX is going mainstream is another conclusion I came to from the debate.

There is one other candidate in Donald Trump’s league and it is not Ben Carson. That would be Carly Fiorina. I do not know much about her. I have not observed her on screen or in print over an extended period of time to hold an opinion I would have confidence in. I have no doubt, from the little I have heard, that she is far superior to most of the candidates in the race. Of course the associated minority is still quite a crowd.

We need more elected representatives from the private sector. Our Senator Johnson from here in Wisconsin is such a man. He has embraced all the issues before him with honest competence.

The professional politician is the greatest danger to this nation that exists. One man came out first, with knowledge and confidence, to condemn Hillary as most likely not running because of her criminal activity. That was Donald Trump. All your politicians in the first republican debate spoke as if Hillary Clinton would, and by implication, should be running. Shame.

The United States would be far from hurt by leaders such as these from the private sector. Our Constitution was written with such people in mind. That said, Donald Trump is not on my short list. I would find it much more comfortable to vote for Carly Fiorina than for Donald Trump.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lost in Political Translation

The Beltway Culture, known for existing in an alternative universe in relation to the rest of the citizens of this nation, is the product of a political class. It has developed into a literally self-propagating, though hardly self-sustaining , political culture. It has divided this nation into the ruling class, upheld by a statist ideology, and those to be ruled.

We are all susceptible to the dangers of being influenced by our surroundings, ones particular profession and circle of acquaintances, in an adverse way. People’s reactions to the controversy around Donald Trump’s recent and ongoing statements is a telling example, particularly in regards to John McCain.

The local commentators here in Milwaukee ripped Donald Trump to no end for his McCain comments. These local commentators failed to recognize, unlike some national commentators who demonstrated why they are where they are, the chord Donald Trump was hitting with a frustrated public. I do not want to say some of what John McCain endured was not heroic. However, the truth is John McCain broke where many others did not; many we will never know about because they died doing so. Further it had always been the media that, suspiciously, always played up the hero factor of John McCain in his run for President. This made many, including myself, question why. It built distrust.

Some of our local commentators had to be reminded that McCain actually broke and denounced the United States. He was an officer.

Here is a question: If John McCain was not from the family he was, would he have received a discharge, possibly dishonorable, rather than a major command after his release from a tortuous Vietnamese POW Camp? Today he MUST be called a hero or else. Can you understand how that might rub the wrong way against an intelligent and capable citizenry?

The public is not stupid. This is what the statists believe. It is also apparently what people who enter the political world begin to believe whether liberal or conservative.

Let me offer another illustration. This Summer I heard one local conservative commentator make a statement along these lines; ‘My God, could you imagine what would have happened if Herman Cain had become President.’

My jaw dropped not only with disbelief but disgust. Compared to what? Obama! This is the disease of being more connected to the political world than to the people. This conservative’s statement regarding Herman Cain is akin to the liberals who claim it is impossible for the common man to understand the United States Constitution; it requires a bevy of lawyers and so called professors. In reality the Constitution of this great nation was written for all to understand.

Yes, we should be concerned with what kind of leadership team a common man from the private sector could assemble. But any educated common man is qualified to be, if he can win over the people, the President. I strongly believe we need more candidates in every office drawn from the private sector.

Too much is lost to political translations. It is why we have people such as Mitch McConell and John Bohner ruling Congress.

A great successful competent man running for President is being lost in the political translation. That man is Ben Carson. Here is a man of great virtue, compassion and wisdom that will be pushed aside in the political shuffle. His abilities are beyond compare to most. The mere fact that these outstanding attributes hold no weight in the political world is the problem.

The public wants real, good and honest people of accomplishment in office.

Even as a Vice Presidential candidate political wisdom would exclude Ben Carson. After the first black President the world of political consultants would never tolerating a black man running for anything less. It would be considered a reflection of the Republican Party’s supposed inherent racist make up, to put a black man in the second position after the democrats put forth a black President; again lost in translation. Lost to political correctness and the politics of race.

Scott Walker and Ben Carson are my top two choices for republican candidate for President. Governors and those from the private sector are the only candidates I will consider. That list does not include Donald Trump (he’s a moderate and without conservative leadership in Congress would be a disaster; my opinion), Mike Huckabee (though I applaud him for his stance on the Iran nuclear deal no matter how great a political consideration), Chris Christie is a complete no go, and though my church is partial to Jeb Bush he is far from the top of my list. I suspect, no, I hope and pray that a conservative governor or business person will win the candidacy.

I need not provide the political translation as to who the republican Vice Presidential candidate will be. That is easily understood by all. Outside of Jeb Bush winning the Presidential nomination, Marco Rubio will be a shoe in for the nomination for Vice Presidential. He is extremely knowledgeable and appears to be a good man, but neither of those reasons are relevant in the world of political speak. It is the politics of race and belief in the necessity to win Florida that has already secured the position of republican Vice Presidential  candidate for Marco Rubio.

If we fight hard, we the people may succeed in putting a true and upright conservative into the office of the President. If our candidate wins, it will still be the political same old same old that will have cemented who the candidate will be when next the office will be contended.

“Eternal Vigilance is the price of liberty.” No one knows who said it; obviously not a politician.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Iranian Bracket

There is a bracket that Barack Hussein Obama will be remembered for. Unlike the fireside chat of old, the original, of a past President, Barack Hussein Obama will not be remembered for his televised NCAA Brackets; those, I’m just a normal guy like you (so everyone should worship everything I do) moments. He will be remembered for a different type of bracket, or rather brackets. The legacy of Barack Hussein Obama will be bracketed by his Iranian Legacy. It is how his presidency began and it will be how it ends.

Whether the Barack Hussein Obama Presidency ends soon in well deserved disgrace, or later under threat of worldwide nuclear holocaust depends more on Congress than on Barack Hussein Obama himself.

Between Barack Hussein Obama’s failure to come to the aid of the Iranian people in the beginning of his Presidency and his bestowing of nuclear weapons upon that oppressive tyranny now at the end of it, his policies and crimes have been evident to all with eyes willing to see and ears willing to hear.

Barack Hussein Obama’s policies, including Obamacare have and are bringing economic oppression and catastrophe to millions. Innumerable scandals, beginning with his first campaign’s fundraising methods to the IRS and beyond, along with his complete disregard for the law and the Constitution of this once great nation, have cemented in place possibly irreversible standards of tyrannical rule.

Barack Hussein Obama’s foreign policies have instigated bloodshed throughout the world as he stood back and watched the Arab Spring burn across North Africa and the rise of organizations such as Boca Haram and ISIS.

Ten of thousands of deaths, if not more, can be attributed to Barack Hussein Obama’s policies. Many of those deaths included defenseless Christians murdered in mass for their faith. Millions of deaths could become his eventual legacy; numbers worthy of the most evil of dictators the world has ever known.

If Iran is allowed to create a nuclear arsenal they will use it. They have said so. They will destroy Israel. Israel will retaliate with their own nuclear weapons from platforms manned by warriors who no longer have a home to return to. The United States will be fortunate if Iran and the Islamist terrorists choose to strike Europe before the United States itself. Millions upon millions will die, just as the thousands upon thousands are dying now due to Barack Hussein Obama.

In hind site we ridicule the German people; How could they ever have let Hitler come to power? How was it that no one stopped him? How can today’s contemporary mainstream media the world over be so blind?

Congress has the power to remove Barack Hussein Obama. It is called impeachment. Congress could have stopped Barack Hussein Obama with less drastic measures in the past but refused. Congress is therefore complicit in what has come to pass and in multitudinous deaths. They will be complicate in all the future holds if they do not act now.

It is not only recent Supreme Court decisions that have lead me and many others to the verge of declaring this federal government illegitimate; contemplating turning to our respective states, demanding they enact a new government. I, like most of you, have been disappointed by Congress for far too long. I am personally holding out hope until our next election. I continue to follow this nation’s laws and respect it’s leaders. But can I keep my allegiance until the next election with this disastrous Iranian nuclear arms agreement? Are we not all complicit in what is coming? Is this not our government?

Millions will die if Iran gets the bomb. No intelligent argument can be made to the contrary.

Yet I highly doubt congress will act. Why? Because Barack Hussein Obama is black and people will call the Representatives bad names if they impeach Barack Hussein Obama and overthrow his tyrannical construct.

What is a people to do? How can one say, “I will not be a part of this?”

Thursday, April 30, 2015

What’s Wrong with Christianity?

Assaults on Christianity are far from a threat to the faith. It is how Christianity advanced. There is a growing popularity in Christian and faith based movies and television. Mega Churches draw vast audiences for the word. So why is Christianity so impotent, not only in politics but in shaping society and our popular culture. Christianity shaped the world as we know it today. Christian moral standards have been recognized the world over. So why is Christianity now so quickly disregarded as a source of viable solutions to the world’s problems.

Christianity rose out of Judaism, a people set apart to worship the one God and await the Messiah who would bring God’s kingdom not twice but once. Christianity was taken up by the gentile, the Roman Empire. The Romans elevated their leaders to a god, among a host of gods. Though they expressed revulsion for human sacrifice the Romans were encompassed by barbarians among which the practice was common. Science was often attributed to the works of the gods. It was a time when life in this world was hard and fleeting for most.

To attempt to explain the Holy Trinity the Christians of the fourth century turned to the Greek philosophers for answers. Under the guidance of the philosophy of the Greeks the conflicting views of the Holy Trinity emerge; one group known as the Homoousions, the other the Homoiosions. (Catholic and Orthodox) No, that is not a typo, one letter makes the difference. That difference was not whether Jesus Christ existed from the beginning, but whether He was the exact same substance as God or not. This disagreement led to violent religious and political conflicts that included massacres.

Now there are thousands of Christian denominations, each claiming that the Bible is the clear and perfect word of God and that their interpretation of that word is the only valid interpretation. They often preach, especial at Easter, as if their prosperity and that of Christianity is a testament to the truth of their interpretation, as if God requires man to maintain a perfect understanding for His providence to advance.

However, despite all its human shortcomings Christianity advanced powerfully throughout history. Christianity is the basis for the law, morals and ethics of the world today. It shaped politics and society at large, for the better. The truth of Jesus Christ spread indomitable. The United States, the fruit of Christian culture, I believe to be the greatest testament to Jesus and his salvation that exists today. People of the persecuted faith, the founding fathers of this nation, embraced the leading thought of the day, religious and philosophical, and created as close to a perfect political system as possible. It exists, and can only continue to exist, in conjunction with the Christian faith.

Yes, Christianity believes in a kingdom not of this world, and generally believes this world will cease to exist with the Second Coming. That never stopped the Christians of the past from believing that a Christian ideal should be sought on this earth. Perhaps Christianity’s ability to bring hope to the hopeless, to change the hearts of men, followed by ever improving living conditions fostered this belief in an earthly Christian ideal. The monastery stood as an example of the strive for that ideal, an example that honored the spiritual and valued education.

The United States was founded by those seeking religious freedom; Christians who found themselves with a land of opportunity spread out before them. A world that valued education in a time that has been called the last era when a single mind could comprehend every study known to man at one time, and such a man was held in the highest esteem. The founders esteemed natural law and freedom endowed by God in their pursuit to create an ideal nation here on this earth.

Christianity, like any religion though out history, was the center of people’s lives; every part of their lives and society. There was no concept of separating Church and State. They correctly understood that there is only one truth and the closer you adhere to that truth in all things the better one’s life and society, the world, will be.

Through the history of Christianity there was The council of Arles, Milan and Nicaea, among others that brought together the entire Christian world to resolve differences in belief. The Council of Constance was held to reform a corrupt Church. These efforts were all in recognition that there is only one truth. It was important to get it right. Words mean things and there are great ramifications associated with them.

When the Church broke apart the bloodiest of religious wars, The Thirty Years War, followed. It was resolved by The Treaty of Westphalia, where the parties ‘agreed to disagree’, each side thinking the other evil. Afterwards Science and philosophy advanced at an extreme rate. Eventually the seeds of communism were sown among the masses. Communism came with the promise of salvation in this world and Christianity has been on the defensive ever since. The faith in one truth began to erode.

Could you ever imagine worldwide Christianity coming together in a modern day conference to work out their differences, to bring the truth of Jesus Christ to this world? Where scholarly studies may exist that address the great advances in science and philosophy in relation to Christian doctrine, does anyone believe the doctrine will advance accordingly?

It appears more likely that in this modern age Christianity is more than willing to embrace homosexual marriage, an abomination to God, than to alter doctrines of faith that have existed for hundreds if not thousands of years. Christianity would rather further divide, than to revise their doctrines in order that they may align as one with the truths of science and the advancement of philosophy; the search to understanding humanity’s ability to comprehend God, the unseen (including scientific principles) and the diverse things of God’s great creation. Hello Galileo.

Have you ever read or watched any science fiction in which Christianity exits? Hard to explain “every eye will see” Christ coming in the flesh on the clouds, and the earth coming to end in the final judgment of all mankind, if man has expanded throughout the galaxy, if not simply the solar system. I saw an article on an engine concept that will take man to Mars in 39 days. NASA has advanced one more step to comprehending the reality of a warp drive. We are documenting hundreds of  Earth like worlds, at least in size/gravity and relation to their sun, in the galaxy. Does anyone not believe man will reach the stars? As scientists comprehend “the God particle”, a key to creation, Christians contemplate the end of days; the destruction of this world and the casting into hell of all who disagree with them. Christians would rather hide behind objects of faith then seek out a more perfect truth.

Intelligent design, a near perfect proof of the reality of a creator, is confounded by those insisting God created in six twenty-four hour days. (Okay, God is all powerful. He can do anything He wants. So why…    I don’t even have to fill in the blanks)

Amidst this challenge by science, communism has claimed the intellectual high ground. To the communist spirituality is superstition and morals a method of suppression. The challenges of an easy and indolent lifestyle typical in this modern age has spawned unprecedented levels of immorality.

Yes, many Christian openly oppose abortion, gay marriage and other depravity in our society. Many have done great work in combatting the falsehood of the communist ideology. They are part vocal minority shutout by those in control of the media and isolated into their own small pockets of Christianity. There is no united Christian front. Christians have given up on an ideal to be found in this world and have buried their heads in the clouds. How can you explain the small fraction of Evangelicals that vote even in Presidential elections.

The majority of Christians, from the lay believer to the religious, have grown soft, lazy and cowardly. As I watch Christians being persecuted around the world I have to ask myself; ‘Where are the Christian missionaries?’ I know many sincere Christians go throughout the world doing good works at great personal sacrifice. They just must not be going anywhere too dangerous. Should not the arrest, prosecution and even execution of Christian missionaries be common place in Muslim nations if the Christian faith were truly vibrant? Martyrdom had been an integral part of the faith as it grew. As Boca Haran and other terrorist organizations execute indigenous Christians in mass why is not the entire Christian world united as a faith in opposition?

Today’s Christians hide behind their faith rather than re-evaluate what they believe and why, and the origins of those beliefs. They refuse to humble themselves to the truth of God’s creation around them. They give validity and power to the most atrocious lies through their silence, rather than take a courageous stand on God’s behalf. For many Christ has become a mere concept. They bury their heads in the clouds, neglecting their responsibility to their fellow man, to Jesus Christ, as the world burns around them.

Whether terrorist, revolutionary or member of a fringe religion, can the efforts or sacrifices of devout modern Christians match that of others in their causes. Many Christians devout more to their political parties and to saving the environment then to their Church. They think little of the philosophies behind the causes they support, and believe it out of place to exert their faith into their political or social lives.

Yes, there are mountains of exceptions to my astute observations. They are few and far between in relation to the enormity of Christianity. Christianity has failed to come together in recognition that there is one truth and that they are responsible to propagate this truth to all, in all aspects of life. The failure of Christianity to battle and defeat falsehood, a culture of godless socialism and immorality, is bringing great destruction to this world.

Take Barack Hussein Obama as an example. If Obama had never been elected President how many more people in this world would be alive today? How much more opportunity and prosperity would have been available to the citizens of this nation, and other nations, that they could have use to create a better life for themselves and their families? But he was elected President and he ruled by the word he believes in. Words have power spoken or written, true or false. They take root in the hearts of men and bear their fruit in season. no matter what the color of one’s skin.

A world in contradiction with itself will fall apart and our world certainly looks like it is falling apart. The world we live in was created by one truth, and can be guided productively in all things only by that one truth. There is no happy conglomeration of disparate truths.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How Does It Possibly Make Sense?

Like me, most of you were suddenly fed the news coverage of the negotiations with Iran over the last couple of months. What was the reason for the urgency? Why is that deadline so important? These are two of many questions that must have come to you as they came to me.

I felt disgust and betrayed that Obama appeared to be allowing Iran to create nuclear weapons. There was a brief moment of doubt in my disdain when a supposed deal was created that was said to require unprecedented inspections. But then again, there was no deal. There was a supposed agreement on pints that may or may not be part of a deal that wouldn’t be worked out for over two more months. Yet it was hailed as a great victory.

The conclusion I reached was; Iran is two months away from creating a bomb.

Now the news has broken; Iran is months away from creating a bomb and the Obama administration has known it for three years. So what was the goal of this sudden need for an agreement with its rigid all important deadlines?

This entire production, worthy of a Broadway opening with shouts and threats issued with great drama, was simply to keep Israel from bombing Iran. The Broadway opening will be a bomb. With the United States and Europe at the table with Iran, what will happen if Israel acting on its own bombs the Iranian nuclear facilities?

The more important question is; Will any western nation, namely the United States, back Israel with the threat of its nuclear arsenal if Iran nukes Israel?

I can hear it now, “We do not want to escalate this tragic event instigated by a few rouge radicals in the Iranian military into the threat of a nuclear Winter. This was not the work of Islam.” Of course, this will be if anyone has the courage to actually attribute the attack to Iran.

Who or rather what is Barrack Hussein Obama?

Excuse my lack of posts. I am currently working on two novels, fiction, with very limited resources. You can find my books here.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Obama and Iran

Baffling. Obama refuses to stand up for the people of Iran against a tyrannical theocracy early in his Presidency, even as the people’s blood flowed in the streets. Now, in all practical reality, Obama is allowing this same tyranny to achieve its goal of acquiring the capacity to produce its own nuclear weapons. This as the Obama Presidency is by law quickly coming to a close. But then again, Obama has been making up the law as he goes. Do we seriously have to contemplate whether he will leave office or not? (It is a theme I have expounded upon in many of my previous posts since Obama first took office)

I have suggested in the past that a nuclear Iran could potentially be an ally in Obama’s intention to establish a life long reign. All revolutionaries have ruled for life. But has Obama inadvertently destroyed any role the tyrannical theocracy of Iran may play in creating the world according to Obama, with his speech to the Iranian people?

I hope, I believe that the people of Iran understand what Obama is incapable of understanding, or intentional hiding his understanding of; that Iran will annihilate Israel if they acquire nuclear weapons. What will the world do afterward? Will Iran attack Europe and beyond? These are valid questions. Iran has repeatedly made it clear they will wipe Israel from the face of the earth. They declare ‘death to America’ every day. They rule their people with an iron fist. They control terror networks throughout the world.

I believe the people of Iran understand what will happen to them when their country uses nuclear weapons against another sovereign nation, particularly Israel or any western nation. I believe they understand that their lives will come to an end, if not literally, in all practical terms. Nuclear retaliation, even if it is limited to military targets will devastate the entire nation of Iran.

And who ultimately makes up the military of Iran but its people? Who would be the first to face such hellish retaliation, if nuclear weapons are deployed, if not the military? Could even Obama protect them then?

When Obama spoke to the Iranian people he proclaimed to them the absoluteness of a coming nuclear war. Where Obama failed to support, or to give any encouragement to, the Iranian uprising early in his presidency, here he has provided the ultimate motivator for the people of Iran to overthrow their tyrannical theocracy. This as the Obama presidency is winding down. (if it is winding down)

The majority of the people of this world are incapable of denying the advantageous lives that they are living in this age. This is due to the great advancements of the last two-hundred years; or roughly since the United States was founded. In the last thirty years the whole world, with its diversity of cultures, has been brought closer together than anyone ever thought possible, through international commerce and travel, and possibly more so through television and the Internet. It has empowered the people of this world to believe in something better. As a global culture begins to emerge, that belief in something better implicitly includes something better for the entire world, not simply a single people or nation. If this were not true the entire Islamic world would be at war with the west at this point in history.

Look at China. China is a growing military threat to the United States. They are building up their military and propagating a military bravado and hawkish spirit amongst their people. Throughout history nations have vilified their enemies; war has been a natural course of events for all peoples and nations. Yet, reports indicate that the young recruits to the Chinese military are soft, pampered children from one child families who worry more about losing their girl friends while they are serving than fighting. Even the softest minds, perhaps especially the softest minds, are capable of being worked up into a nationalistic furor. But these same young people, soft minded or not, understand the advantages of learning English. They know that the boom in the Chinese economy is dependent upon an International system of trade. They have been exposed to the various cultures of the world through television and/or the Internet, and most of the educated among them have foreign friends and acquaintances. They travel the world.

Observing the world in this light, one must hope that the Iranian people, already having shown their willingness to rise up, will bring an end to this lunacy being orchestrated by the Obama administration. An increasing number of middle eastern nations share the interests of the people of Iran, that Iran not acquire nuclear weapons, as does Europe. Under Obama the United States is failing the world once again. Still, if his speech to the people of Iran is concluded to be the major factor in an overthrow of the Iranian Theocracy it may become his greatest legacy.

I would hope someone would ask Obama this question; “What will happen to you Mr. President if Iran does use nuclear weapons, nuclear weapons you allowed them to acquire, in an offensive action?” and, “What do you believe your legacy will be then?”

Will we look at Obama as another Chamberlain who is only remembered for playing the fool before Adolf Hitler. Or will the long litany of Obama’s lawless and incompetent deeds, including the growth of ISIS, and the Benghazi cover up, be recited throughout history as a lesson for the ages. Will the Obama presidency become a major volume in; “The Decline and Fall of the United States.”

What if Iran, or any terror organization, nukes a city in the United States? “Will there be anyone you can trust Obama? Will you continue to evade prosecution simply because your black?” Obama will only be able to trust the most ruthless radicals.

Common men like myself, who can understand what is at stake, can only speak out, appeal to prudence and common sense. We can vote. We can offer prayers before God.

Pray for Iran. Pray for the Christians under the threat of slaughter at the hands of Islamo-Facists. Pray for peace.