Friday, January 17, 2014

Trend Setter

That’s me! Late last year, rushing to make my posting goals (it had been a tough year on some fronts) I created another post on Obamacare. I suggested that anyone supporting Obamacare is a traitor to this nation and the people. “Traitor” suddenly popped up among the main steam media. The phrase went no where but it was not the first time a term, phrase or concept put forth in my blog soon after hit the leftist airwaves. “Civil War” was another concept that made its’ rounds in both ends of the political spectrum after I put forth the concept in this blog. It is no mystery that the left uses the Internet in an obsessive fashion to push their views, building a network that replaces substance for volume.

I would not be surprised if I found that the left was monitoring this blog. That must be why Obama told the troops to stand down in Benghazi. He, or one of the elite among the left must have read my book where the President orders a unit engaged in combat to stand down. Yes, three years ago, when I published the first edition of “Chuck Hammer and the Invisible Squadron, A Vendetta’s Wage” the stand down in face of the enemy became the thing to do I guess and was later manifested by our President. Should I hold myself responsible? Will I now be blamed for Benghazi by the left like the YouTube movie maker? I am sorry if this sounds silly or insensitive, but we are talking about the left. In any case the book is now available for free as an e-book. It is available for free until Monday January 20th, 2014. I redesigned the cover, above, but it wouldn’t upload on Amazon.

Also my first book is available for free as an e-book until Saturday January 18th, 2014. These are works of fiction as the titles should make clear. “Chuck Hammer” is the third edition and having to edit it myself I still must say it is well edited. I paid an editor on my first book.