Sunday, July 08, 2012

Freedom Works

Freedom Works is one of many organizations that are working diligently to save this nation. The Heritage Foundation is a powerful bulwark in the cause of freedom that has been unmatched in the depth and quality of their research from what I can ascertain.

Freedom Works had an auxiliary site on which they conducted a survey for the RNC.The goal was to identify the issues that are most important to the public. The process was to pair issues together and have one choose one over the other. Then each issue was paired against a different issue among the set and the process continued for as long as the participant wanted to go on. I suspect I went farther than most into the survey but never got to the end where all options were exhausted.

The survey was about to close and had been up for some time when I took it. The top 20 issues were listed. On top was repealing Obama care of course, but it was what I didn’t see in the top twenty that intrigued me more than what I saw.

The repeal of ethanol mandates and subsidies was not in the top twenty. It is something I and many feel strongly about. But then again I felt strongly about almost every issue presented. The reality is, when faced with the choice of any one pairing of issues I could have tossed a coin and have been satisfied with either result in most all cases. In other words, after the first two or three in the top twenty all the issues listed were just as important to me, and I suspect many others, as what would have been number twenty five or thirty.

I appreciate the work of Freedom Works but question if they have been played. All the issues presented should be part of the republican platform under the principle of limited government, but now they have a basis on which to deal with but a few. The establishment will give back some inches after the miles they have already claimed. It is this kind of politicking the public is becoming sick of.

The public, the silent majority, the moral majority, …the tea party are looking for a complete dismantling of government. We want it out of our daily lives, PERIOD. We want to be able to look to their fellow man again and ask each other, how are we going to solve this problem? How are WE going to make our communities better?

The people of this nation want to be human again, not numbers in a poll. They want to build bonds of trust with their neighbors, in their churches and among their families and have their shared values reflected in their social institutions at every level. This means in politics too. They want accomplishments arising from their own volition and efforts. They despise having to look over their shoulders to see if government approves, and what taxes and regulations may apply, and if they can gain an exemption or not. They want to stop looking at their employees as someone that may sue them under some law or regulation they may not even be aware of. They don’t want to wait to see how government will move the markets, where it will invest deciding winners and losers before they make their own business decisions, as all the while our elected officials are become filthy rich in the process.

My family which is far better off than myself and consider themselves conservatives, not to mention members of my church, have said to me on more than one occasion when I was in a financial bind; “Isn’t there a government program for that?” Private individuals are becoming so trained and drained of resources that they look to government to fulfill basic human duties, or at least what used to be considered basic duties such as Christian charity. Charity is not even allowed to be Christian any more in light of the Obama administrations rulings in regards to Catholic hospitals.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July. Perhaps for some of you the holiday has just ended today; Sunday the 8th. Many eloquent and important editorials were written that stirred the founding spirit in our own hearts. They inspired, they warned and even wondered if all this nation represents is lost. Most of you reading this blog are inspired and motivated to stand strong and take this nation back. It is a drive and motivation that has to go far beyond this past Fourth of July. Like the founding fathers who pledge all they had, their lives and the fate of their families to the cause of liberty, facing certain death if they failed, we have to be so committed in this time of peril for our country. It will take many an election, many checks in support of candidates who will not be heralded by the establishment, many judicial appointments and even political strife in the streets to turn this nation around and we have no time to waste. It will take the full effort of all of us great and small.

“Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” Thomas Jefferson.

“The Declaration of Independence”