Friday, August 02, 2013

Simply Mad?

This last Monday my wife was free from her usual labor commitments. We thought for a whole week how we were going to spend this rare moment when we would both be free for an entire day from the assorted piecemeal jobs that we just get by on. It happened to be the day when our local botanical gardens are free for county residence. Our local Miller Brewery, just blocks away, also holds free tours and we had never been.

Between these two activities we went to the ‘Mad Rooster CafĂ©’ for lunch. We enjoyed the friendly Mexican atmosphere. The menu included Belgium waffles with bacon in the batter, and cinnamon French toast rolled in corn flakes and grilled. I had a blue cheese burger that had some great bacon (the patty was OK) and my wife had the salmon tacos which she described as great. They had a well priced soup and salad option. Homemade soups, cage free eggs and other quality ingredients were being featured. The prices were about those of a common fare neighborhood restaurant, somewhat more than an I-Hop. Anything beyond fast food is something we can rarely afford.

They serve only breakfast and lunch, and breakfast wasn’t that early. They had an attractive menu but not extensive. I had to wonder as we enter a part time economy driven by Obama-Care if limited hours and fare will become an ever increasing trend for restaurants. I-Hop has already made it known that they will be putting most of their workers on part time. Most franchise based restaurants are networking to cut their employees to two part time jobs under different franchises. So many will be working over fifty hours at a part time rate (no overtime) with twice the commutes.

The madness of the depressing influences of Obama-Care on the working people of this nation are well known and documented. Family’s health plans are becoming vastly more expensive and companies are dropping coverage for their employees. The government is incapable of, and in several instances unwilling to meet the laws requirements. Members of congress and their staffs are looking to exempt themselves from the law. Doctors are giving up their practices, a testament to the reality that if people cannot achieve self advancement they will not work. But someone has to fill the positions in the clinics being proposed in nations such as Belize and Costa Rica to service those who can afford to travel to enjoy a market driven system of high quality and low prices that is sure to arise. Medical tourism has long been a reality. I have a cousin in Alaska who goes to Thailand every Winter for his dental care.

Meanwhile most of the middle class, like myself, will be trapped in a failing system that will offer a pain pill when one gets really sick. The costs for coverage under Obama-Care will be so high that any advancement one may make will be claimed by the government because most of us will not be deemed carrying our fair share with the large subsidies we will be receiving, even with all other government aid available, which I am sure we will be forced to take.

Yes, under Obama-Care the rich are getting richer, and the poor poorer. Average incomes are dropping. The banks which were too big to fail, receiving our hard earned tax dollars are paying pennies on the thousand a year in interest while in many cases they are charging fees simply to have an account if you do not keep a certain balance limit. Wells Fargo, not even a willing participant in the bail outs, began charging us $12/mth for having a checking and savings and not keeping a total balance of at least $2,000. All the while they collect significant fees off every debit card exchange (21 cents per exchange, something a federal judge has recently determined too high and collusion between government and financial institutions) not to mention other untold multiple fees. The rich get richer and…

All the while the federal government prints, or digitally creates more money and feeds it into the stock market to expand the pockets of the moneyed population.

E-15 is being marketed though using it will void one’s auto warranty and will damage your engine. Ethanol actually creates far more greenhouse gases in its production and distribution than it supposedly saves. Adding it to gasoline simply reduces the efficiency of the engine on an equal basis. The Keystone Pipeline is still being stopped though it would create thousands of jobs and ease our fuel prices. The EPA is piling restrictions upon energy corporations driving up all our utility prices and threaten jobs in the coal industry; an industry Obama has determined to destroy costing countless jobs. Our fracking boom in oil and natural gas is occurring on private  and State lands but not Federal lands, and the government is placing ever greater restrictions on the process.

Locally the powers to be in Milwaukee have been promoting any and all rail projects that will not be used but will place heavy tax burdens on all of us. My water bill is 600% higher than when we first bought our house some fifteen years ago. We pay for the city to plow our streets now through our water bill, among other things which were covered under our property tax in the past. Our electric bills are driven continuously higher to build wind mills required by the federal government. Sometimes they are even working as they destroy the property values of all those around and deplete our bird populations of endangered species or not. Our public schools produce few students who know how to read, rite or do rithmatic.

(Excuse my personal testimonies, democrats may be reading and they don’t understand anything else.)

All this and more, is more than simply mad. It is more than unethical  or even immoral. It is criminal when framed in relation to the grievances our founding fathers put forth in the Declaration of Independence.

Are not the answers to these problems and more self evident? Are not the actions of this government openly and contemptuously in contradiction to the well being and will of the people? Even a dog will not look you straight in the eye when caught in wrong doing, yet our politicians, whether caught promoting policies that express contempt for the people, scandal or personal malfeasance look the public straight in the eye and rationalize, mischaracterize and outright lie without shame. They call scandals phony. As their policies depress our personal prosperity, as the middle class is driven into financial despair, as the future generations are being strapped with crushing government debt and their American Dream turns into a nightmare, politicians on both sides of the aisle, the political class take it all as evidence of the ineptitude of the common man and the need for even more government intervention.

Simply mad?

I am sure there are those much better informed and qualified than myself that could correlate the issues and misconduct surrounding our federal government with the grievances our founding fathers outlined in the Declaration of Independence. Let me begin here.

Simply mad?

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